UDA SG Veronica Maina faces the wrath of Kenyans after questioning Raila’s degree

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UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina faced the wrath of angry Kenyans online, on Tuesday morning after claiming Raila Odinga’s degree raises questions on how authentic the Azimio-One Kenya flagbearer education credentials are.

“Questions have also been asked about the credibility of presidential candidates’ qualifications. You have seen a lot of headlines questioning the university that our biggest opponent, Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga, qualified from,” Ms. Veronica Maina said during Citizen TV’s Daybreak show, remarks that have not been kindly taken by Kenyans online, with some accusing her UDA party of trying to deflect the spotlight from their camp using Mr. Odinga as an excuse.

Here are some of the comments:

”UDA admits that they have fake degrees, they now want to say Azimio side have fake degrees in a bid to drag them to their dark side,” Lord Evans Chelelgo.

”Baba is a internationally acclaimed engineer. He did not pay people do his degree for him like Lootall did. You can’t compare an engineer to a thief with fake credentials on plant ecology,” David Maina Ndungu wrote.

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”There are people especially in yUDA who just say things because their mouths can open and close like a pair of pliers. This lady should know that Hon Raila went to school ríría gíthomo kíarí bata. She probably was still an idea in her parents minds,” Stephen Ndungu.

”Ruto was not a student at UON He merely enrolled as a student and paid the fees. He bid his time servicing the cartels that rolled out fake degrees. At the appropriate time we were told that he’s got a PhD. He has then been demanding that he be addressed as Dr’,” Mzalendo Mzalendo.

”Luos they don’t lie about their academic, even luos watchmen they’re graduates, so they should leave Baba alone,” Catherine Jimmy.

”She conveniently forgets to mention that Rutos PhD is also questionable. How did he study while he was executing the office of the Deputy President?” Joe Mithamo.

”Raila’s academic credentials have never raised eyebrows. His opponents throughout his previous political encounters have never raised questions about the validity of his credentials. Seasoned politicians including Ruto and mudavadi have never raised doubts but here comes political newbies trying to drum up support from their gullible, politically immature followers. Tragic. Find something to talk about madam,” Maping Manon.

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