The Fight Between CS Wahome and PS Ronoh is a Fight Between Two Wolves

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There’s nothing as hard/difficult as running a country in peaceful times.

Peace reveals that which war hides.

Uhuru men and Ruto men used to fight all the time. The only time they joined forces was when they were facing external aggression.

In such moments, they quickly re-united to fight a common enemy.

The problems between Uhuru men and Ruto men emanated from eating. They were fighting over the quantity each should eat. But the Opposition wanted an end to eating. This is why when threatened, they quickly closed ranks to thwart the Opposition.

They would rather fight over the quantities each should eat than lose out to a third party whose objective is to end all the gluttony.

One of the mistakes that the Opposition made in the last election was to underrate the tenacity of people used to eating, to keep the status quo.

Which brings me to the ongoing fight between Alice Wahome and PS Ronoh.

Athi Water Development Agency is a cash cow. A multi-billion cash cow. People become overnight millionaires there. The young lady who won the Kiambu WR seat became board member there in 2019. She joined as a pauper. In less than five years, she’d become a multi-millionaire, with a war chest to dream big.

The fight between Wahome and PS Ronoh is a fight between two wolves. It is a fight to control who gets the cuts, that is, who eats more. It is not a fight to end the culture of cuts and eating.

Having properly diagnosed the problem, I hasten to say that I have no dog in the fight and may the most treacherous win.

Dikembe Disembe is a Political Researcher and Writer

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