Stupidity has Limits. It will take Ruto and his Noisemakers Time to Figure That Out

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The Ruto mobsters are now ready to take the anti-Uhuru Kenyatta War to another level. Nothing is working for them so far.

Former President Uhuru is busy doing what is expected of him and trying to put down some terrible wars in our region both in Ethiopia and Tigray confrontation and the DRC regional war which never stops. Even William Ruto and his cabinet are trying to join the former president to solve those wars even as they stage manage their battles with Uhuru.

And then Ruto and his friends need money. A lot of it. IMF has their demands with little money for Ruto and there are no Eurobonds coming from anywhere soon enough. Dubai doesn’t give you money, you take your money there. So what to do with a collapsing budget and no money in sight if you are William Ruto?

Well, the Ruto chaps have come up with a brilliant plan. Attack Uhuru and his friends for alleged tax benefits and hope to get some money out of that. Go after Mama Ngina Kenyatta which even they now understand was a dumb idea. Do we have a stupid government in Kenya today? I don’t know but we have never seen a government this incompetent in our country for a long time and we have seen a whole bunch of them for the last 60 years of our national independence.

When this silly circus was started by the idly praying UDA biggies they thought they had Uhuru Kenyatta in a box. According to them, Uhuru benefitted from the Excise Duty Tax instituted in 1969 where President Jomo Kenyatta and his family were not going to pay any taxes after inheriting his land and property. Ruto and his mob thought this was a big catch for them to go after Uhuru Kenyatta and his family.

Then reality hit them in the face rather harshly. The Excise Duty Tax was actually abolished in 1982 in a parliamentary deal signed into law on June 25, 1982. If they wanted to bring back the tax they were free to do so if they have the votes in parliament. All of a sudden the UDA mouthpieces in parliament were telling Kenyans they have no intention of bringing back the death tax.

“There is no proposal to introduce the inheritance tax, I am not aware of any such proposal,” Ichungwa stated.

“The only way those taxes can be introduced again is through the Finance Bill,”Ichung’wa said.

The Estate law was scrapped by parliament through the Estate Duty (Abolition) Act 1982, which was assented to by former President Daniel Moi and took effect on June 28, 1982.

With that plan dead in the water, the Ruto mob is now trying to come up with a new plan. Ichung’wa has written to the National Treasury CS Njuguna Ndungu requesting information on a list of individuals and firms who have benefitted from tax waivers.

In his request, Ichung’wa narrowed his quest from January 2018 to date pointing out that some key state officials from the previous administration manipulated the law to grant tax waivers to their families.

So having completely lost their initial anti-Uhuru war the UDA mob now want to craft a new law demanding that all tax exemptions for the Uhuru/Ruto government from 2018 be made public and reviewed. These idiots forget one thing. The Uhuru and Ruto Jubilee government started in 2012.

If Kenya has to review things they have done, which could be harmful to the country, that is where the country will start. What could really shock this UDA whack heads is when Azimio MPs fully agree to review all tax breaks and land robbery projects authorized by the Jubilee government from 2012 to 2022. Why start in 2018 when the Jubilee government charged with these alleged atrocities started in 2012? If that is the strategy to save the UDA boy Ruto, it is not going to work. Kenyans are not stupid. Every Kenyan knows that.

Why not start with the 15,000-acre Mutara ADC farm allegedly owned by Ruto in Laikipia. It was grabbed by William Ruto and after he was exposed he tried to hand it over to the local folks in some kind of silly joke. Well, can Ruto hand that back now to the ADC which is a state agency? What has William Ruto’s involvement with this ranch been?

Can Kenyans be given the truth about Mutara Ranch where we have state leaders grabbing public property? Ichungwa, be careful what you are asking for. But Kenyans should be ready for this and demand full details from all parties who have grabbed state and public resources for personal benefit.

How about these other properties owned by Ruto and for which he obtained state security resources? How did Ruto get these properties and how much tax per year is he paying for the income he gets from a property like the Weston Hotel where Ruto stole land from the KCAA and tried to pay them pennies from the back door and failed?

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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