ODM: Ignore MPs who Visited State House

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The ODM Party says the visit to State House this morning by a section of its members of parliament has not come as a surprise to the party and the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Movement.

In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, the party disclosed it has been monitoring closely the behind-the-scenes activities involving some of its MPs and their visiting State House this morning was the climax.

”Since the victory of our Party Leader the Hon. Raila Odinga was stolen and the will of the people subverted after the August 9 2022 general election, some leaders have elected to undermine the leadership of the party and chosen to go against the will of the people who elected them to positions they hold,” the statement from ODM Communications Director Philip Etale reads in part.

”Three months ago, the Azimio la Umoja leadership began rallies to push for the reclamation of its victory from the hands of the illegitimate administration in order to provide the leadership Kenyans want, but all along, we knew the enemy will not sit pretty,” it continues.

ODM notes the regime has started spending stolen money to hoodwink some of its leaders with the aim of trying to scuttle its ongoing activities. Such meetings, the party says, are aimed at diverting the attention of Kenyans from issues they are faced with, ranging from the high cost of living, unbearable school fees for their children, and corruption.

However, Raila’s party insists that in its quest for legitimate leadership, there are those who will fall by the wayside, and some will be compromised but it remains unstoppable.

”This is a people’s movement aimed at defending the constitution of the land. History will judge harshly leaders who want to betray Kenyans by accepting handouts to scuttle the activities of the movement. We call on Kenyans to ignore such selfish leaders who only care about their stomachs and not the well-being of the millions of poor Kenyans,” the party notes.

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