Strange Things Happening in Our Country. Why?

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The Interior CS and many KK big nuts are telling Kenyans there will be no more demonstrations against the regime if the Peace Talks fall apart.

The Ruto government did not call the demos when Kenyans came up for them. They will continue when Kenyans find them necessary. That is what Kenyans do when they fight for their rights.

But here is the delusion from the Ruto’s Kindikis.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has issued a warning to the Opposition party Azimio La Umoja against returning to protests if the bipartisan talks fail.

He said he won’t allow politicians to instill fear in innocent people because they want to achieve political objectives.

“The political class has embarked on dialogue, and as they convene to deliberate on various issues, violence should never be part of the equation,” Kindiki said.

“Should the leaders agree or disagree on any issue, no one will be allowed to terrorize or blackmail the people of Kenya through violence and destruction of public and private properties.”

He was speaking during a church service at Abundant New Life Church in Nyeri.

He went on to say that as the minister of interior, he will make sure peace prevails in the country and curb violence in political divides.

“The peace and tranquillity of our country is a singular and collective responsibility for all citizens, their political, religious, or community differences notwithstanding,” he said.

“We must remove violence from the equation of the politics of our country.”

And then the other big fight with Mutahi Ngunyi begging for a job at Ruto State House.

And now it goes to this.

‘Uongo tu’ – Itumbi censures Mutahi Ngunyi over State House revelations
Ngunyi claimed Uhuru men denied Ruto access to specific washrooms.

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has dismissed claims by Mutahi Ngunyi that during former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s era, the then deputy president William Ruto was excluded from accessing certain facilities.

Ngunyi had said in an interview that the chief of staff and the head of the public service had a washroom that was red carpeted with golden taps.

He said that he never saw Ruto go into such washrooms.

However, in a rejoinder, Itumbi denied the allegations and said all the claims made by Ngunyi are lies.

“The Chief of Staff did not even have an office in the main building, just the Head of Public Service. Also, there was no reserved washroom for him. Uongo tu Mutahi Ngunyi, this kind of lie have no space here,” he said.

Ngunyi on Saturday night said he used to question himself then why Ruto would not be allowed to use certain facilities.

He said the lengths of William Ruto’s sidelining had gone far and it was all evident.

Ngunyi said he never understood why he was sidelined to the extent of him using the common facilities like the others.

“What used to disturb me a lot was the fact that William Ruto the then deputy president used to use the same washroom as the rest of us, whereas some few people had the privilege of using different facilities,” Ngunyi said.

And Kenyans will welcome Senator Chris Coons for any talks about the country they love.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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