Speaker Muturi to be crowned Mt Kenya spokesperson this Saturday

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Speaker of the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi is reportedly holed up in his home for the next eight days , taking a special diet and not allowed to leave his residence or see his wife. According to sources, the secret ritual is part of preparations to have him succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta as the next Mt Kenya Kingpin.

According to reports, Mr. Muturi is expected to be crowned the spokesperson for Mt Kenya this Saturday, an event bankrolled and supported by senior officials from President Uhuru’s administration.

”The Speaker is set to be crowned in an elaborate ceremony at the historic Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine in Gaturi, Murang’a county. Elders from the Meru’s Njuri Ncheke Council, Embu’s Nyaangi Ndiriri and Ngome – from Muturi’s Mbeere backyard – are expected to attend and witness the ceremony,” one of the reports read in part.

The crowning ceremony has been confirmed by Peter Kagwanja, a patron of Muranga elders.

“I will be among those receiving him. This is not confirmation of a spokesperson. We are identifying a leader who cannot only lead us in politics but also lead us from a moral, cultural point of view.

“We are not saying there will be no political import but for now what we are doing is to have the person who was crowned by the other sections of Mt Kenya to be accepted by our region,” Kagwanja said.

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