Tuju: Celebrating BBI setback is dancing on grave of dead Kenyans

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Raphael Tuju has hit out at Kenyans and political leaders celebrating last week’s High Court ruling, declaring the BBI unconstitutional.

Speaking to NTV on Monday night, said the judges ignored the law giving the president powers to ensure national unity, especially now.

”One of the constitutional premises they ignored is that it is the president’s responsibility to bring unity, through Article 10. And it is not described how he should do it. It is his singular most important responsibility to keep this country together and those who are celebrating this are like those dancing of the grave of Kenyans who have died as resilt of political violence,” Mr. Tuju told NTV.

The Jubilee Secretary General says Kenyans cannot afford to fear the courts saying the judges do not have a monopoly of intelligence and their word passes for law.

”Nobody has a monopoly of intelligence. We are a little bit more humble than the judges who say this is what it is. Period. If you do not like it, too bad. They should also learn the word interdependence because as soon as they finish the ruling, they need the police to escort them, as guards,” he added.

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