Send Gachagua to jail for theft and money laundering: Kenyans don’t need a Deputy Criminal (DC)

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Rigathi Gachagua has been found guilty of stealing Shs 200 million from the Kenya government and for money laundering so the first question that Kenyans need to ask the judge, in this case, is why was he not sent to jail.

Political mega thieves are making a joke of our country and it is clear the courts are helping them. He only has to return the stolen money and even that he says he won’t do because he is waiting to be Kenya’s next DP and his boss will wipe this ruling out of the books so this criminal can enjoy his stolen money in peace.

At this time after being convicted of theft and money laundering, Rigathi Gachagua is in complete violation of Chapter Six of the Kenyan constitution and even some of my human rights friends who scream about the beauty of the 2010 Kenyan constitution wouldn’t say a word about that primarily because they are in bed with Ruto.

But then again when you are the DP choice of a man who grabbed 100 acres of land from Mzee Muteshi who was fleeing for his life as an IDP during the murderous turmoil in the 2007/8 PEV this has to be normal stuff for you and your supporters.

If some villager was found to have stolen a chicken the courts don’t ask them to return the chicken or buy another one to replace what they stole. The chicken thief would be sent to jail mara moja within minutes. But mega thieves who are politicians never face any punishment for stealing public money.

In fact, the courts merely beg them to pay back what they stole. Is it any wonder that these thieves will never stop? Why would they if there are no consequences for stealing public resources?

Gachagua admits he received the money from government contracts through a tender to supply something and he is crying that he was not allowed to cross-examine the investigator. Mr. Gachagua and the judge can you tell us which government department gave the contracts?

Can Gachagua and the judge tell us what the government tender was for? What exactly was this guy supposed to supply? Then Gachagua can provide Kenyans with the proof that he supplied what he was paid to supply instead of crying about political nonsense. If the tender was to supply hot air then Gachagua can provide receipts about how much hot air he supplied.

Gachagua talks about “freedom is coming” which is the new UDA slogan. Yes indeed freedom is coming to Kenyans but it will not be the freedom for Gachagua and friends to rob the country as they wish and revel in their stolen wealth. It will be the freedom of Kenyans to stop government thieves and take back their resources stolen by these crooks.

That freedom is coming on August 9, 2022, and people like Gachagua are helping Kenyans to win that freedom. Thank you very much Rigathi. Thieves like you are going to face real justice for once in the history of our country.

Kenyans also want to hear from the government officials who gave Gachagua a tender because we want to know what if anything they got for Shs 200 million. Gachagua is going to get what is coming to him but we also have to deal with these government officials giving tenders for fake supplies so we know if they are part of the plan to steal public money.

Lastly, Kenyans need to have big thieves sent to jail. Money laundering is one of the most serious crimes in the whole world and we know it is rife in Kenya. How can you be found guilty of such a crime and not be sent to jail?

In the appeal that Gachagua has foolishly applied for we need human rights bodies and anti-corruption entities in Kenya to apply as parties of interest in the case because it involves stealing of public money and they want to protect public interests in the case. Those are the entities that can ask the Court of Appeal why such terrible criminals robbing the country blind are not being taken to jail because that is what encourages the thieves.

The good news for Kenyans is that William Ruto, Gachagua’s boss is stuck in complete nonsense and has nothing to tell Kenyans about his so-called plan. With just a week to go to the elections at a time when leaders explain their plans to the voters Ruto only has “kitendawili” and President Uhuru to talk about and nothing else.

Kenyans are not interested in that crap and you get no votes for yapping about that hoping that leads you to victory when the DP you chose has been convicted as a thief and a money launderer. Yes, Mr. Ruto, you and your Deputy Criminal (DC) are going down.

“Mr. President, leave the kitendawili man to me, let me square it out with him. You became the president and now you have finished your job, you can now go home, Ruto said.

“Go home, and stop asking us a lot of questions. Be a gentleman, if someone helps you, stop pushing them to the corner, if you don’t want to help me it’s okay, but let me be,” Ruto added.

“I ask you solemnly as I say goodbye that we continue being one, I want us to have a just leadership. I ask you respectfully, kindly support the old man,” Uhuru said. 

He accused the DP of double speaking saying he promises coastal residents that he would return port services to Mombasa while at the same time taking credit for the Naivasha Inland Container Depot.

“We cannot deal with someone who likes lies,” Uhuru said in his Kikuyu dialect.

And Ruto’s big guns like Mudavadi are equally hypnotized by Raila and have nothing relevant to say to Kenyans. Mr. 70% seems to have given up on achieving anything.

”I heard Tuju saying Ruto was paid to support Uhuru in 2013. Now I want to ask, when I supported Raila Odinga, did he buy me?” he posed.

“When Raila became the State Project, was he also bought? If they are saying people are being bought, then it seems like Raila was bought,” he said.

As a whole, the political landscape in Kenya now just days to the election looks fantastic to the Azimio team when their opponents are stuck in dirty mouth talk and criminal convictions. It couldn’t be better for the country. The thieves are going down in a heap of infamy. Great for them and the country.

The one interesting thing is when you see the various Azimio teams the leaders are happy, they are laughing and dancing with the crowds and they are having fun.

They know that is how you bring out voters. People come to vote for something not just against something else. You watch the UDA rallies and it is a bunch of angry chaps literally yelling at the crowd with their insults at the other side and nobody is smiling or even pretending to enjoy themselves.

On stealing of public resources, one thing the Azimio government has to do is to have the DCI and DPP working with ARA and KRA so that when people are found guilty of stealing public money and committing other crimes like money laundering they are charged for the criminal offenses and put in jail. That is the only way Kenya is going to stop these thieves.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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