Ruto goes bananas, tells President Uhuru not to kill his kids

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For all practical purposes, William Ruto has gone completely insane. Who could have thought that losing an election can send someone into utter madness and stupid recklessness? Under normal circumstances, this man should see a psychiatrist and seek medical help as soon as possible.

Claiming that President Uhuru wants to kill his children is the highest form of public incitement that can lead the country to complete chaos as Ruto’s boys prepare to defend the DP’s kids and themselves against possible murder by the president of our republic. Our country just cannot afford this behavior and its consequences.

Raila has lost elections and in fact has been tortured, jailed, and detained by President Moi for ten years but never once did Raila incite anybody by claiming that Moi is coming to kill his children even when his wife Ida Odinga was being harassed when he was in detention. Raila must have considered such alarmist hysteria was beneath his dignity and could cause public eruptions that would have serious repercussions for the country.

With a few days to go to the elections when Azimio and UDA are trying to mobilize voters to come out and vote for them, Ruto and his UDA group have decided their best chance in this election is to attack and savage President Uhuru Kenyatta everywhere they go on a daily basis. They think that is a winning strategy but it may turn out to be the biggest losing strategy ever.

On Friday, Ruto made some astonishing and even frightening accusations against the president. Ruto claimed that President Uhuru is threatening him and he is afraid that the president could harm his kids. President Uhuru Kenyatta harming kids! When has he ever killed kids in his ten years in office?

If anything it is the DP who has been accused of literally having kids roasted in a church in Kiambaa and almost ended up in jail at the Hague for that had he not very successfully eliminated witnesses. In fact, there is a case about ICC witnesses being killed or disappeared by Ruto right now at the Hague.

Ruto at a rally in Kapsabet went as far as begging the president not to kill his children. It sounds like some form of madness but that is what Ruto was telling Kenyans.

“If you do not want to support me, leave me alone. With a lot of respect Mr President be a decent Human being, Kuwa muungwana, kuwa na shukurani, sisi ndo tulikusaidia, wacha kujifanya. Sasa wewe umeanza kunithreaten ati sijui utanifanya nini…. Mimi na wewe tafadhali tuheshimane.”

Loosely translates to: “Be a gentleman, say thank you, we were the ones who helped you. Stop pretending. You have started threatening me saying this and that… let us respect each other”.

“Sisi ndio tulikusaidia, wacha kujifanya saizi eti, ama ni aje my friends. Sasa eti wewe unaanza kunithreaten mimi? Bora usiue watoto wangu. Lakini mimi na wewe tafadhali tuheshimiane (We are the ones who voted for you for the presidency, and now you want to threaten me? as long as you do not harm my children, We should respect each other),” he said.

How and why is Uhuru going to kill or harm Ruto’s kids? You don’t just make these kinds of statements as some kind of political theatre talk to attract attention and sympathy. Those are very serious allegations to make against a sitting president who is actually already preparing to leave office. Or maybe after Ruto loses the elections and goes home to be with his kids that would mean Uhuru is harming his kids.

Even Moses Wetangula who has gone missing from the campaign trail for weeks finally found something to talk about in Busia in the UDA effort to savage the president as a threat to his boss.

Nimekusikia juzi ukisema ati watu watajua wewe ni rais (I heard you recently saying we shall know you are the president) Do you know you have only nine days to go home,” Wetangula said.

“Siku tisa imebaki my friend for you to go home, unatisha nani? (You have just nine days to go home. Who are you threatening?)” he added.

These people were supposed to get Ruto 70% of the Western vote and now they have become babysitters for Ruto and his kids who are actually grown men and women. What a pity.

The real problem is that this kind of talk can cause a lot of antagonism between communities in Kenya at a very critical time for the August 9, 2022 elections. If Uhuru wants to harm Ruto and is children including even killing them what message does that send Ruto’s support base?

It is telling them they are under siege from President Uhuru Kenyatta. How will they react after their guy loses? Get ready to defend themselves and the William Ruto royal family? Those kind of things have caused major problems in our country. Why is someone trying to go there again in that line of incitement just because they are losing an election?

Does Ruto realize his panic and reckless incitement could lead to another war between the Kalenjin folks and the Kikuyus as we saw in 2007/8 mass murders unparalleled in our history as a country. And Ruto is doing all these so as to get Kikuyu votes. Stupidity should have limits.

Fear of losing an election and being out of government after 30 years in there from Moi to Kibaki to Uhuru is fine but keep it in check. Why the heck is Ruto so terrified of losing an election? It is just an election or is there something else we don’t know?

As if that hideous incitement is not enough and Ruto now wants to incite the public against the chiefs and other state officials. Does he want people to attack the chiefs too as well as the county commissioners and other government workers.

Indeed his tired baby sitters like Mudavadi are already promising they are going to go after chiefs and others if they form a government. That is a clear way to tell the public to deal with those chiefs and others. Can these people just calm down and lose with some dignity.

Mr President, why use chiefs to rig elections? – Ruto slams Uhuru again

“Mr President, why are chiefs and other public servants being forced and threatened in secret meetings to undermine, manipulate and sabotage peaceful elections? ” he posed in a statement on Facebook.

Ruto asked the President to stop sowing seeds of discord saying the country needs to remain peaceful before, during and after elections.

“What will it benefit you to foment conflict amongst innocent Kenyans? Boss, let’s not take the country in this direction.”

On Monday, Ruto’s running mate Rigathi Gachagua urged chiefs and their assistants not to cower but instead stand firm on their Constitutional roles. That is the recently convicted Deputy Criminal (DC) talking about law and order.

“We are telling chiefs to reject any attempt by state operatives to use them to mobilize voters for Azimio candidates,” he said, speaking in Kirinyaga.

On Sunday, the ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi said any state servant involved in active politics will be probed, if the Alliance wins the August 9, general elections.

“When the time comes, we shall hold those civil servants individually responsible for breaking the law. A commission will be put in place to investigate some of the senior civil servants forcing their juniors to break the law.”

Azimio should completely ignore these lunatics who know they are losing the elections and go ahead to mobilize the voters to come out on August 9, 2022 and save their country from desperate inciters.

They are gone and that is their business. The Azimio business is to build the country Kenyans want working with every Kenyan. It is not too difficult. That is the journey and the battle a head for all Kenyans and forget this UDA and Azimio labels. That ends on August 9, 2022 after the vote.

The last thing Kenyans want to hear after the elections is the argument of “I was right you were wrong”

Nobody cares.

Put your plan on the ground for the benefit of all Kenyans and the republic whoever wins.

Jamhuri is on now and after the elections.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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