Sabina Chege: Uhuru’s Time in Politics is Over

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Acting Jubilee Leader Sabina Chege says former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s time in politics is over and that the ousted Jubilee leader has fallen out of favor with the party and its members, it is time he exited the scene.

In an interview on Thursday with Innoro FM, Chege, also a nominated MP said Mr. Kenyatta who has no position in the party should be grateful for the time he has served as their leader and the two terms as the President of Kenya.

“The Jubilee Party is owned by its members and its power is exercised by elected leaders. He has no position in the party. We gave him his two terms as president. He should be grateful. He should concentrate on being a statesman. His time in politics is over,” she said.

The lawmaker accused Mr. Kenyatta of being an indecisive and absentee leader who has been pawning off the Jubilee Party to Raila Odinga rather than fighting for its rightful share of political power in Parliament.

”He abandoned us at the negotiating table on parliamentary power-sharing. Jubilee was not consulted in parliamentary committees, parliamentary commissions… we tried to reach him through phone calls and text messages. He never responded,” she noted.

Ms Chege is now daring Uhuru to a duel and is ready to face the consequences of her actions even if means losing her deputy minority whip position in the National Assembly.

“Cowardice is a cause of poverty. They can take away her nomination if they can. They can take away her minority whip if they can. He should communicate directly with me instead of sending his foot soldiers,” she said.

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