Sabina Chege: Enemies of Handshake want BBI to fail

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Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege says enemies of the Handshake are behind the current friction that has rocked the BBI. Speaking in Muranga, Ms Chege said there was an elaborate plan by some individuals unable to sabotage the Handshake to make sure the BBI fails. She has told their partners in ODM not to worry, and that it is only Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga’s advise that should be followed.

”Handshake imetusaidia katika bunge, sana sana. Na kwasababu tumefika mahali tunataka kupitisha BBI bunge naona kuna wale wangetaka kuona handshake ianguke, kwasababu wameshindwa kucontest BBI,” the Women Rep revealed.

The MP the Handshake was critical and that it should exist for there to be peace in the country. Ms Chege has also called on the two camps to sit down and iron out any issues which may be arising in the Uhuru-Raila union.

”This agreement was between His Excellency the President and Rt Hon Raila Odinga. So the others, including myself. I do not see why Orengo and the group have an issue with others. It is important that we do not lose focus. Let us keep put eyes on the ball. Let them not be carried away.”

President Uhuru and Raila Odinga’s truce lead to a clamor for constitutional changes in the country through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). The initiative is anchored on solidifying the country’s unity and cure the winner takes it all mentality that is usually witnessed after every electioneering period.

The BBI Bill has since been approved over 40 County Assemblies and it is currently under the public participation stage in the bicameral Parliament. Only three counties rejected the Bill – Nandi, Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo.

Both President Kenyatta and Odinga who have been championing for its passage are keen to have the Bill subjected to a national referendum in June in what would then would trigger a change of governance in the country once passed by the electorate.

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