Ruto to Uhuru: Mr. President you are lying about me. Wacha porojo

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As Raila Odinga and the Azimio La Umoja coalition was having a terrific time in Western Kenya with rallies all over and Kenyans getting out to meet their possible next government, President Uhuru Kenyatta was having a meeting with 3,000 elders from his community and told them William Ruto as his deputy tried to get him impeached and he decided enough was enough.

Deputy President William Ruto has denied claims that he had plotted to impeach his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta and made his usual explosive statements talking about himself not being a drunkard whatever that is supposed to mean and telling Uhuru to stop the porojo just because he, William Ruto, has refused to support his project.

“I am not a fool, a drunkard or a mad man to help put together a government and then go behind it and plan to remove it. As Deputy President, I know what I must do, and I will never, I have never, and it has never happened that I will do anything to bring down our government. To those spreading the propaganda: Shame on you! Shame! You deserve nothing but shame,” the DP said in a rally in Malindi Town, Kilifi County.

While meeting over 3,000 elders and elected leaders from Mt Kenya who lean towards him at State House, Nairobi on Saturday, President Kenyatta is said to have expressed concern that the DP was planning to impeach him, forcing the Head of State to seek a Handshake with his erstwhile opponent, Raila Odinga.

“I want to ask our friends: Please respect those of us that campaigned for Uhuru Kenyatta and made president. You have no agenda. Please don’t sink that low now that your project has been rejected.” 
In the DP’s eyes, the accusations against him should actually be placed on Mr Odinga’s doorstep. 

However, the DP said he had forgiven the president for oppressing, despising, and mocking the people

“We forgive you, but do not spread lies about us and do not make other people spread propaganda for no reason. We are peaceful, straightforward, and law-abiding people who believe in the constitution,” he said.

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The idea, that it was Mr Odinga, by swearing himself in in January 2018 that should be blamed for any attempt to remove President Kenyatta from office, it seems, resonates with the DP team.

In the meantime down in Sabatia Mudavadi’s own home ground Kenya Kwanza had some miserable time even getting a rally together just one day after the likes of Raila. Martha Karua and the entire Azimio brigade was there having massive lively rallies.

This tells me something and please don’t tell Ruto about this. Kwanza team would be very competitive if they put Musalia Mudavadi as their presidential candidate ask Ruto to retire and join the Elders Group to whisper in the background.

Then Mudavadi gets a credible deputy from Mt. Kenya forget the Nyoros and Gachaguas and you have a race on August 9, 2022.

If Mudavadi was the presidential candidate he would wipe out Raila and Azimio from the Western region. That is 2 million votes in the bag.

Mudavadi, unlike Ruto who thought he owned the Mt. Kenya vote and is sliding would be seen in good lights for the people in that region.

Third. Mudavadi would be very competitive in urban centers in Kenya which have huge votes and they are not tribal. Mudavadi can compete in Nairobi, Ruto can’t even after they take all his money.

Mudavadi can compete in Mombasa, in Machakos, and many other places where Ruto has no chance because of his toxic politics.

The funny thing is that Ruto has made a deal with Mudavadi that UDA will not field any candidates in the seats in the counties in Western Kenya and in exchange Mudavadi will shut up about not being given the DP running mate job to recognise the fact that he is hanging on to a huge chunk of the votes Ruto needs to win the presidency.

Neither Ruto nor Mudavadi are able to see that Mudavadi not in the running mate slot is all but dead politically in the national political landscape, Mudavadi’s supported aspirant will lose everything. Basically, Ruto is telling Mudavadi that I give you all of Western to lose. And they will do exactly that. Talk about a winning formula.

In the meantime for Ruto, just keep pounding your boss whom you allegedly gave the job to. Things don’t look very good for William Ruto right now. I can’t see how that improves.

But the race is fully on now. We need it to clean and take our country and we will. Yes indeed. Kenyans will be ready on August 9, 2022, to decide the future of their country. Nobody can stop that and nobody can determine it other than the Kenyan voters. You are in the seat and nobody else. That is the Kenyan voters.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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