DP Ruto says President Uhuru is desperate, spreading falsehood

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Deputy President William Ruto says the Head of State is resorting to cheap propaganda and unfounded allegations in order to tarnish his name ahead of the August 9th general elections.

Speaking in Kilifi just a day after President Uhuru told a meeting with 3, 000 Kikuyu elders that he (Ruto) wanted to topple his regime, the DP said he has never been a part of any schemes to take down a government he helped build.

”Ati Ruto anaweza kupindua Rais, mnagawanya wakenya for nothing, wakenya wamekataa project yenu. Ati niweke serikali ndani alafu nifanye njama ya kupinduwa serikali, you must be confusing me with your project,” DP Ruto said on Sunday.

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“As deputy president, I know what I must do. I will never, have never, and would never do anything that would bring down the government. Respect those of us who campaigned for Uhuru Kenyatta. You are desperate spreading falsehoods and propaganda. I will never and have never been part of anything to bring down the government, shame on you! Shame on you! You deserve nothing but shame,” DP Ruto said in Kilifi.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday hosted a delegation of 3,000 Kikuyu elders at State House where he poured out his heart to explain the genesis of his fall out with William Ruto, and what his plans are for the region once his term elapses in August.

President Uhuru described to the elders how he was tricked into focusing on the government as William Ruto took charge of the ruling party nominations in 2017.

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