Ruto photocopy manifesto starts with Women Charter today

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Those are women leaders in a dance competition at Ruto’s Karen House which is actually a government property and also an office for him. This has been a common theme for years now as women come in uniform to dance for the UDA leader.

In one case we have even seen a video of Ruto’s campaign chief of staff Farouk Kibet ordering a woman politician, Millicent Omanga, to do some specific dance moves for Ruto who sits behind her laughing. This is funny for them. It is absolutely degrading to women but that did not matter to William Ruto until now.

Finally, today, William Ruto seems to have realized that Kenyan women can do a whole lot more than just dance for him at his Karen home and in his rallies.

Thanks to the Azimio Manifesto launch this week, Ruto now has to deal with the fact that his political opponents in Azimio take women’s involvement in Kenya politics and economic development very seriously which explains why the Azimio DP, running mate to their presidential candidate Raila Odinga is Martha Karua- a very well known woman politician and fighter for human rights in Kenya.

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Azimio came up with the formation of the Women’s League to come up with ways to promote Kenyan women to take their rightful place in our country and its development at all phases. Ruto had to respond to that.

In a statement, Ruto has promised to have an official signing of the Women Charter on Friday, June 10, 2022, at Kasarani stadium.

The Charter was launched on Monday in a bid to counter the Azimio presidential running mate Martha Karua’s wave.

During the launch, Deputy President William Ruto said if he is elected president, women will take lead in different positions.

He said he will give women 50 percent of the cabinet slots if he wins the top office.

“It is true that what a man can do, a woman can do better. From personal experience, I can confirm that there are things that women can do better than men. Therefore, the more we keep them out of leadership positions the more we lose,” he said.

As usual, Ruto had to add his theatrics to the issue by asking that only women media workers should be sent to cover the event. Hopefully, there will be no dance moves this time.

”We encourage your Media House/Online News Blog to deploy an all Women Crew as we seek to celebrate and highlight the important role played by women in all sectors,” the UDA communication director, Wanjohi Githae said on Thursday.

Too bad for William Ruto. His Azimio rivals already have a 50% share of Kenyan women in the presidency itself which is the center of power in many ways and can help generate a lot of real development for women all over the country.

One thing is certain for the Ruto team. The impact of Martha Karua as Raila’s running mate has truly rattled them. They can see stuff happening on the ground and they know it does not look good for them. And then now they have to deal with the Azimio Manifesto which is now out there and is attracting a lot of attention from Kenyans.

When Azimio takes this deal they are making with Kenyans on the road and do it diligently and get feedback from the citizens, it could have an irreversible impact on the August 9, elections.

Manufacturing issue is on the table. Housing for Kenyans is in the plan. Killing corruption so Kenyans can have money for development is on the table. Real empowerment of Kenyan women is right there. Education for Kenyan youth is front and center and a whole lot more. Now Ruto and UDA have to copy all these and try to bottom them up but the train has left the station and Kenyans are getting on board by the day.

None of that is possible until the big monster is dealt with:

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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