Ruto now takes a full charge on his boss in an effort to fight Raila. Big mistake?

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There are many Ruto supporters including the “progressive” cowards who are too ashamed to declare publicly that they are Ruto puppets on Twitter who have been hoping that the UDA leader does not get into a straight dog fight with Uhuru in the next General Elections.

Some of them scream at us about how unpopular and terrible Uhuru is, but at the same time, they are trying to convince themselves and us that Uhuru actually does not support Raila. I am not going to give names but they know themselves.

But Ruto is letting all those people down because he feels he has to go after his boss Uhuru at full strength.

Well, we know he is. But at what cost to his political ambitions or in fact, God-given right to take over State House and run our country?

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Ruto is supposed to be like Jesus coming back to earth to salvage the miserable humanity in Kenya. That is why he has turned his house in Karen into a cathedral for the redemption of our country.

It is a money cathedral not spiritual as we can see. That is fine, we all need money to buy something including food.

I don’t want to bring God in this because I don’t know him or her and we have never met yet, but the politics in Kenya today is that we have a whole bunch of politicians who think they have God in their pockets and God is telling them to do this or that, and we have to obey them if we want to obey their god.

Let me tell them something. The only god they have in their pocket is money and it is not from God, but from the Kenyan taxpayers and from the loans and debt they are whining about. They have stolen all of it.

We can and will take that money back and then they can go to their god broke as hell. Or better still go to jail for robbing Kenyans.

We should tell the politicians that they will be fine after we take our money back from their pockets. God loves broke people and they love God. Don’t they? We know God loves poor people because we are often broke ourselves and God still loves us.

Ruto seems to have this feeling that somehow he has inspired the working class and the poor people in Kenya against the thieves of our public money and the super-rich, of which he is the best representative and for that reason, he is our saviour despised by the likes of Uhuru and Raila so called dynasty.

Never mind that Ruto has been in government for 30 years since 1992 when he left college and started printing the Jirongo Kshs 500.00 bills and collecting them in big wheelbarrows from the Central Bank of Kenya.

Oh so many Kenyans would love those money-picking wheelbarrows, as opposed to the ones to pick dirt from our towns, which Ruto is now supplying to the youth of Kenya. Give us wheelbarrows to the Central Bank of Kenya like you started with. That is what the Kenyan youth will soon be telling William Ruto.

Ruto wants to be our own Fidel Castro to take Kenya to war with the super-rich and build a new proletariat rule in Kenya. How lovely is that going to be? Just wonderful.

Fidel Castro by the way came from a very rich family in Cuba before he founded the 26th July Movement in 1953 to overthrow the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.

The only difference between Fidel Castro and William Ruto, in this case, is that Fidel Castro was not an accused thief or land grabber in Cuba before he started the revolution.

Fidel Castro left college where he was a law student to start the revolution and ended up in jail trying to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba when he (Fidel), and 70 Freedom Fighters invaded the Moncada Barracks on July 26, 1953.

Batista was running a terrible dictatorship in Cuba and Fidel and his group took them out forcing Batista, the thieving thug, to flee the country as Fidel and his group of fighters approached Havana.

Ruto, our new Fidel Castro, did the exact opposite when he left college. He joined the political dictatorship in Kenya and started a gangster group in Kenya called YK92 to protect and advance the one-party dictatorship at that time.

Fidel Castro had people like Ernesto Che Guevara, a medical doctor joining him in the fight for a free Cuba.

Ruto has people like Rigathi Gachagua an M.P charged with stealing the entire CDF budget from the people he represents in Mathira constituency.

Rigathi Gachagua the big Ruto general is charged with grabbing Kshs. 12 billion from the Kenyan taxpayers. How wonderful is that for the people he represents in Mathira?

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Gachagua needs Ruto to win the presidency so those charges can be wiped out by the new grand leader. He is fighting for his personal interests. We understand that and may be the Kenyan voters understand that too and will make decisions accordingly.


There is a huge lineup for that favour from Ruto saving the corrupt scoundrels in power today and that is probably why the likes of Anne Waiguru have now seen the light. It is bright and sunny and it is “unstoppable”. Really?

You want to steal Kenyan’s money, keep it and be in power, you know where to go. There is a cathedral for that in Karen.

Just go sing there and clap and jump and you got it all made. What a wonderful country we live in today.

Fidel Castor’s war against the Batista dictatorship in Cuba was a completely different historical event. As students, we used to love Cuba and the Fidel Castro revolution but it was not until I was a Kenyan refugee in Tanzania that I actually got to read and understand what Fidel Castro and his group did in Cuba.

In Dar es Salaam where I lived, they have the best public libraries in the world.

So I used to go there and then got to read Castro’s manifesto known as “History Will Absolve Me”, which was his defense document when he represented himself after a failed coup attempt against the Cuban dictatorship in 1959.

I always tell my friends that a failed coup attempt is the worst thing you can possibly be involved in. You are dead after your coup attempt fails.

Fidel Castro survived a failed coup attempt and gave the world his defense of it. That speech and document became a historical and revolutionary document of all times. Forget our Twitter Freedom Fighters of today who specialize in screaming insults.

I finally read the whole document in Dar.

Here it is:


Document #15: “History Will Absolve Me,” by Fidel Castro (1953)

Now with Fidel Castro, he said History would absolve him from overthrowing a vile dictatorship under Fulgencio Batista, who had grabbed all land from Cubans and was super-rich.

For Ruto, History would have to absolve him from being accused of being the biggest land thief in Kenya and even grabbing land from an IDP Mr. Muteshi, and having no shame to give the man who escaped with his life from those who tried to kill him, so that they could grab his land.

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This is going to be a tough job for poor Ruto’s god. In this case, God has to reverse every principle in the books to accommodate Mheshimiwa William Samoei Ruto. I feel sorry for this God.

And a new twist just emerged for the 2022 General elections. The Registrar of political parties just announced that those who contest to run for political parties and lose will not be allowed to run as independent candidates.

Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu

This could cause chaos for all political parties in Kenya because Kenyan politicians have no party affiliations. They are just selfish individuals trying to get their hand in that big pot of free money called the CDF.

Of course, this will go to court and the judiciary in Kenya is now the greatest hope for Kenyan political scumbags from all shades, and there are numerous shades of this, even in my beloved human rights movements in our country.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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