Ruto needs tight security before he tries to break his own leg

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After failing to get himself hurt at Jacaranda Grounds where he had his own stone-throwers trying to knock him out so he can cover himself in tons and bandages as he goes to cry to the voters it seems there is another plan underway this time in Mombasa. From the look of things, Ruto doesn’t just want to be stoned, he wants to get hurt so people can look at him and feel sorry for him.

That is why I am thinking Ruto now needs very close security before he breaks his own leg to get himself out of a dead end in his politics. Maybe someone could help Ruto write up some kind of a manifesto so he can have something to go out there and talk to Kenyans about.

They have nothing to talk about and right now they are just a bunch of very angry people everywhere yelling and scrapping for attention.

Today the UDA boss was in Nakuru and realized the media people were in the meeting and that got him mad very quickly.

“…Why do we have media houses here? Nani aliwaleta hapa (Who brought them in?). Nyinyi watu tokeni kwanza bwana ndio tuongee mambo ya maana (Can you leave so that we can discuss important issues),” Ruto directed.

Ruto was speaking in the Kenana area of the Njoro Sub County where he was holed up in a closed-door meeting with elders and community leaders

In his speech, Ruto had assured the Kikuyu Community living in the larger Molo area of peace

Knowing the UDA leader was in Molo area with his running mate Rigathi Gachagua who was responsible for killing over 5,000 Kikuyus in Molo and expelling 75,000 from there in 1992 at the same time that William Ruto was running the YK92 killing squad for Moi in the same area this must have been a very tense meeting.

The big story though was in Mombasa where Ruto lackeys there like Hassan Omar are already planning a Ruto stoning this week.

Considering that the rally is on Saturday later in the week how else would Hassan know that some people are coming there to stone Ruto unless he is part of that plan himself.

These guys have tried everything and nobody is paying attention. How about doing stones so the media runs there and make sure you hit Ruto and he is being flown to Dubai for treatment and the whole country gets gripped into some Ruto theatrics.

We saw this before when one of Ruto’s big twitter boys decided to break his leg and claim it was the police torturing him because he supports Ruto. He didn’t even want his stuff investigated because he knew exactly what happened.

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“Tononoka grounds does not belong to the county, it is private property. You don’t have to seek permission from the county to hold a meeting in Mononoke. We already spoke to the owner and booked the ground,” said Omar.

Speaking during a press conference at the Hustler Centre in Nyali, Omar was flanked by his running mate Selina Maitha, Senate aspirant Hamisi Mwaguya, Nyali MP Mohammed Ali, and UDA national secretary-general Karisa Nzai among other UDA aspirants in Mombasa.

Ali said they will access the Tononoka ground, “either by sea, air or land.”

Someone needs to tell Ali to just leave the stones behind and access Tononoka by foot but if you want to hold the rally in the sea, please go ahead that is your problem to deal with.

The one issue Kenyans know is that William Ruto was waiting to campaign against the ODM and those violent Luos as he tries to get communities like the Kikuyu allied to him. Uhuru messed that up when they came up with Azimio as an umbrella group. That ruined the entire Ruto plan and strategies.

There is no Luo party for Ruto to vent his tribalism on and that is part of the nightmare he is having as the voters seem to like what Raila and Azimio has brought to the table. Now Ruto has to do everything in his capacity (very limited at this time) to revive and harness the anti-Luo hateful scrap and it is falling on deaf ears. It just won’t work this time.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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