I am on a mission says Gachagua. Ruto worried where in reality the mission ends

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Rigathi Gachagua, Ruto’s running mate has been in news headlines for weeks now and none of it is good for him or for his boss. But today the DP candidate wanted to assure Ruto that he at least knows what he is doing.

“I am a man on a mission. Nimepewa kazi na William Ruto ya kupanga uchumi. Nikona kazi ya kutafuta kura,” he said.

This loosely translates to, “I am a man on a mission. I have been assigned the duty of planning the economy by Ruto. I have a duty to look for votes”.

The Mathira MP said the team has no time to rest as their work schedule is fully packed.

” From here in Kirinyaga we will be heading to Laikipia. From there, we will go to Samburu. We have no time to engage anybody. We are focused and we know will do good for this country,” he reiterated.

“Our eye is on the goal. We cannot be distracted because we know what we need to do.”

So Gachagua says Ruto has given him the job of planning the Kenyan economy something he has never done in his entire life. How great for the country that we have this economic genius to “panga” our economy.

Gachagua has done other things very successfully and Kenyans are asking him to address what he did during that mission and apologize specifically to the people of Molo in Nakuru county.

Today the Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui asked Ruto’s DP while in Molo to apologize to the people in that area that were decimated by Gachagua as D.O 1 in Molo in 1992.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has asked Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua to apologise to the people of Molo.

In a statement on Tuesday, Kinyanjui said the apology is one of the things survivors of his tenure as District officer in Molo have requested from him.

“During the tour, several suggestions have been raised by members of the public. Your kind consideration will be greatly appreciated. The first is a ‘public apology’ to the people of Molo for the commissions and omissions during his tenure as the dreaded DO,” he said.

“You can take the opportunity to assure them that you have since changed. This is a modest request from the survivors.” 

Rigathi Gachagua was Moi’s head smasher in Molo in 1992 when Kenya held the first multi-party elections on December 29, 1992 and Moi lost badly in the Molo area. In just a few days after the election 5,000 Molo residents were killed by the government in operations led by D.O Gachagua. These are real issues that we need to address with someone who could be our president if he becomes Ruto’s DP.

Gachagua was promoted through a letter directly from then-President Moi which thanked him for the decimation of the “Kikuyu separatists”. Moi also praised him in that letter of promotion for going “above and beyond to enforce law and order”.

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This guy was promoted for killing thousands of civilians and expelling 75, 000 others. Now that is a mission he must be very proud of but are Kenyans proud of him for that mission? He will find that out very soon.

Kenyans are getting to know UDA’s DP candidate who by the way was carrying out his mission in Molo at a time when William Ruto with his YK92 were tormenting people in the same area and all over Kenya. Maybe they met then to strategize together on how to carry out their missions which were practically the same.

But we know for a fact that Gachagua made his way to Moi’s heart with his cruel activities against Kenyans fighting for democracy in the country and so did Ruto. Now it looks like they want another run after taking power in the next elections. Kenyans will make that decision in just about one month.

Rigathi Gachugua may be on a mission to put himself and Ruto in power but it might be important for him and his buddy to learn and accept that Kenyans may be on a mission to make sure a monster who did what he did never comes anywhere near power.

Why did Ruto pick this kind of a person to be his deputy? Birds of a feather? Yes, indeed but they are flying home on August 10, 2022. About time.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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