Ruto is desperate for anything: Jacaranda Grounds didn’t work

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Nothing is working for Ruto and it is driving him nuts. For two weeks now the UDA leader can’t even hold a decent rally. They tried Bungoma and nobody even paid them any attention. The Sakaja school problems doesn’t bother anyone. They can keep their illiterate candidate and lose Nairobi governor job to Polycarp Igathe and nobody cares about that.

Meanwhile, Azimio is holding mega rallies all over the country with the whole team very focused on taking the election in round one. They have been all over Ukambani and yesterday in Meru and they just keep getting better.

Ruto had to do something to attract some kind of attention and that is what they tried in Jacaranda Grounds on Sunday hoping that some big stone-throwing contest will emerge and Ruto can cry for the next week about Uhuru and the state trying to destroy him. Even that flopped after two bookings in the same venue and nobody bothered with it.

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“All these intimidation you are seeing is because they want to force us but no amount of bullets, no amount of intimidation, no amount of stones, no amount of threats will stop this nation from changing,” Ruto said.

Despite the Kenya Kwanza Alliance managing to successfully hold the rally in the Jacaranda grounds, Deputy President William Ruto’s team encountered pockets of resistance as his convoy made its way to the rally.

 “They must not accept to be used by AZIMIO & ODM political divide. The must remember that Kenya Kwanza stands a higher chance of winning the upcoming Presidential Election hence the need for them to remain act in a restrained fashion and to remain neutral as this will make it easier for them to serve under any Political divide which takes over power in 2022,” Maina stated.

So Ruto and his team actually hold a rally at Jacaranda Grounds and since they have nothing to tell Kenyans about any program they have for the country the rally is to talk about IEBCand Azimio candidate.

Didn’t these UDA people release something called the Women Charter some two weeks ago. What happened to it. Why can’t Ruto and other UDA leaders tell Kenyans how that charter will help Kenyans. The truth is even Ruto knows that charter was full of nonsense that they are embarrassed to even mention it. They are hoping it disappears. The way things are going it is Ruto and UDA that is going tpo disappear very fast.

At this point Ruto has zero to tell Kenyans. Even their so called economic fora which were just whining contests for UDA leaders to complain about Uhuru are now dead. People are tied of listening to the same crap everyday. UDA has one more month do nothing and then they can go away completely unmissed. Looks good on them.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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