Political aspirants don’t need college degrees. Their only job is to steal your money.

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Let’s start with the UDA governor candidate in Kilifi county. Up there are the results of her grand education in the Kenyan school system.

I don’t put that up to bring any shame on her because quite frankly I don’t care how educated these politicians pretend to be. They just steal public money and they do it perfectly which is why they never go to jail.

Aisha Jumwa for the record is facing huge corruption cases as an MP and of course, she and her bodyguard are accused in court of directly murdering a political opponent in his own house.

All those cases are still pending in court because our judiciary needs to give criminals every break they can get to run for and win public offices which eventually secures them from any prosecution. That is the country we live in today.

So why are we wasting time with all these requirements for a certain level of education for our politicians? These politicians are worse than pigs who have absolutely no education.

Meanwhile, we have Cleophas Malala running for Kakamega governor to replace Wycliffe Oparanya and he is having problems with his education papers. I say to hell with that. Let the boy be as illiterate as he wants to be and still be the UDA hope for Kakamega which he will lose big time.

The bigger issue for Malala whom Ruto imposed on the Kakamega people after ordering Bonnie Khalwale to quit the race and go find something else to do, is that he insulted Kenyan police officers by saying that they do not need any education at all because their job is just to hold guns.

Kenyan police officers who actually include university graduates were pretty mad with Malala and the little confused dude tried to apologize for what he said but the police want nothing to do with him.

This is Cleophas Malala prime time announcement: “A police officer’s job is just to hold the gun. Does that need one to be educated? If someone is done with Form 4 and gets a C plus, let us take them to university for further studies. The job of a police officer is for people who quit school.” Malala forgot to add that the same is the requirement for UDA candidates to run for office.

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The latest news is that Malala’s running mate for the governorship in Kakamega, Dr. Beatrice Inyangala has resigned from the race because she does not want to be brought to shame by the antics of Malala fighting police officers. Good decision. Where do Cleophas Malala and his kingpin Ruto go from here? It looks like it is a dark place.

Ruto internet warriors like Ahmednasir Abdullahi have posted in their Twitter war today for their hero that Raila won 80% vote in Western and now he has 40% and also that Raila had 75% of Eastern (Kamba) vote and now has 15% and Ruto will win the election by about 6 million votes come August 9, 2022. Where do they get these numbers and statistics?

It is flashed on the walls by the Ruto magic team and that is why education is a completely irrelevant topic in that deluded world. They live on fantasies and that is good for them and for the country.

Looking at the voting numbers my sense is that Raila and his Azimio team could actually get more votes in Western than Raila did in 2017. At that time Raila had his votes in Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Ikolomani, Lwanda, and many others but this time Azimio is doing very well in Bungoma and Trans Zoia. Things look very good for them there.

The big election headache is still what happens to the Gema votes. Prof. Peter Kagwanja in the Nation Newspapers said something today we should pay attention to.

“The Karua wave is changing the odds in Mt Kenya politics in favour of Azimio. Any gain here is good for Odinga, who won 44.94 per cent of the total vote in the August 8, 2017 presidential contest, 5.16 percentage points shy of the 50 percent plus one he needs to clinch the presidency. Theoretically, Odinga requires only about 10 per cent of the 5.9 million registered votes in Mt Kenya to win. As such, his overarching strategy is to hold on to his traditional strongholds in Nairobi, Nyanza, Western, Lower Eastern and the Coast region while winning new grounds in the Rift Valley, Northern Kenya and the Mountain region. Karua completes Odinga’s strategy of using regional kingpins to lead Azimio’s effectively decentred campaign.”

The issue here is that William Ruto needs 90% of the registered Gema voters in Mt. Kenya to come out and vote and he needs 100% of that vote.

Uhuru got more than 4 million votes from the Gema counties and close to 80% of the registered voters in the area came out to vote. If only 60% of that vote shows up on August 9, 2022, William Ruto can still take 100% of that vote and lose the election.

If any percentage of the Gema vote that shows up at the ballot vote for the Raila Odinga and Martha Karua ticket, Ruto is dead and gone completely.

Then we have Nairobi county where Uhuru got 900,000 votes in 2017. Ruto cannot even get a third of that vote. Then he needs another 2 million votes to cover Nairobi’s loss. That is not coming from Western. It is not coming from Ukambani and it is certainly not coming from the Coast.

At some point, these Ruto people are going to realize that Ruto and UDA vote is in Rift Valley and nowhere else. They are going to need 8 million votes from there and that is not possible. That is going to be a very hard mountain for them to climb but for now, they are still climbing Mt. Kenya whose votes they thought Ruto already owned and was packed and done.

And we have this Rigathi Gachagua running mate whom Ruto has to figure out how to lock up somewhere to avoid him saying very offensive and annoying things to Kenyans. But that is what UDA and Ruto are all about.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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