Panic strikes: Ruto boys claim a re-run will be held in 2025 after the SCOK nullifies Chebukati results

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Even the diehard William Ruto pat-my-back club members are beginning to accept the obvious fact that the Supreme Court will throw out the presidential election results announced by Chebukati last week. They can see that the evidence of this electoral theft is overwhelming.

With four of the seven commissioners voting against the results which they deem as having been fabricated by Chebukati and his Ruto allies, there is really no case in this hearing. It is a straight re-run and we don’t know what else comes up as evidence in the hearing. Chebukati and or Ruto could be found to have been involved in criminal activities in their effort to steal the election. How that is addressed we have no clue.

What we know is that the Ruto boys are not celebrating anything. Their guy is hanging in thin air and now they want to revert the conversation to Uhuru clinging to the presidency for another two years. And trust me if the worst came to a sad end for them some of these guys would prefer another five-year Uhuru Kenyatta presidency than a one-year Raila at State House. That is another discussion.

“If the Supreme Court orders a rerun, Kenyans will go to the polls in 2025. H.E Uhuru/Raila will not allow a re-run in sixty days,” Abdullahi claims.

The Senior Counsel alluded that the duo would occasion delays by calling for reforms in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in the event the Apex Court rules that the elections were conducted with illegalities and irregularities.

“They will demand Chebukati must go and IEBC be reconstituted, “Abdullahi noted.

“Uhuru always desperately wanted two extra years. He will get it and fragile Kenya will shatter,” he said.

His sentiments follow a supporting affidavit filed by Karua saying that Azimio sought the court’s

“An attempt to overthrow the Constitutional order and the sovereign will of the people of Kenya must be called out for what it is — treason. This is the import of Article 3(2) of the Constitution which states that an attempt to establish a government otherwise than in compliance with the Constitution is unlawful,” Karua stated.

So there are some complications out there but one thing we know for sure is that if Chebukati is found to have helped Ruto steal the election he will be deemed unfit to do the re-run. You don’t put a proven chicken thief to run your chicken farm unless you are crazy and Kenyans are not crazy. They want free and fair elections.

The fact that the country will spend tens of billions to run another election after spending a fortune in the last one is one reason why the country needs to put Chebukati and the criminals who worked with him to rig the elections in jail.

Restructuring the IEBC will be very challenging in a situation where we have a new parliament, and new senate and Uhuru keeps the presidency for now. The Ruto camp who are desperately defending Chebukati because they want him to keep running our elections is going to be hard hit when the facts unravel during the hearing. They will have their thief in their hands and they could be tempted to drop the fellow so as not to be identified with him.

On the other hand Ruto and his UDA are demonizing the four commissioners of the IEBC who rejected the Chebukati fraud and going on to claim that they were all appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and should not be in charge of the re-run. The reality is that all those four commissioners still have six years on their IEBC contracts.

Chebukati’s time is done. If the man had any semblance of human dignity he should resign from the IEBC as soon as the Supreme Court nullifies his attempt to impose a president on Kenyans. That will not happen so Chebukati will have to be removed from crying and hanging on to the chairs at IEBC offices. That is his problem.

Sadly for Ruto, Uhuru will still be the president after the results are nullified and he will have the duty to appoint new IEBC commissioners if and when some resign or are removed. This is where there is going to be a big battle with parliament trying to influence things and the new senate doing the same.

In the last few days, we have seen MPs jumping and dancing to join this or that alliance. Once the Supreme Court gets Ruto out of the way the same MPs will be looking for someone they can dance for so they get something for themselves. As things stand they will have to dance for Uhuru until the re-run is done and after that, they will move their dance to whoever wins the re-run for the presidency. So yeah it is party time and nobody knows where this ends.

One of the biggest issues that need to be addressed right now is the fact that the Supreme Court ruled that MPs should have nothing to do with CDF money because their job is legislation and not running national financial investments in the country. I can put my last penny that the MPs who got elected particularly those who were re-elected are already at the CDF offices now trying to scoop out all the money there before things are sorted out.

Once we get the ruling of the Supreme Court the first duty of whoever becomes the president is to set up a task force to streamline how CDF will be managed according to the Supreme Court ruling about the fund and to ensure that MPs stay away from CDF money and offices.

That matter is going to be a big item in the presidential election re-run. Nobody wanted to talk about it because they didn’t want to freak out the MPs running for office. In the re-run, there are no MPs. Kenyans would like to know what changes our next president will make in running the CDF.

And then we have idiots like this who were hidden in some caves by Ruto during the campaign and now they are on the loose. Good heavens.

“Mr county commissioner, you know very well that you incited people here with too much falsehood. We have forgiven you but you must resign from this government. We can’t accept such kind of activities”.

Sudi went on to allege that the county commissioner wanted to ignite war in the region, claims the Star could not substantiate.

“Tuambiane ukweli ndop nchi ipone. Mulikua mnataka vita Katika taifa la Kenya. Lakini sisi kama Kenya Kwanza tulisimama imara na tukahubiri amani na siasa imeisha. County commissioner ujipange my friend, lazima uende nyumbani.”

“Let us tell each other the truth to heal this nation. You wanted to start a war in this country Kenya. But we in Kenya Kwanza we stood our ground and preached peace and politics is now over. County commissioner you should prepare yourself, you must go home”.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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