Chebukati finally talks about Chris Msando. Took him five years to remember.

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Embattled IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati attended the funeral of Daniel Musyoka and IEBC Returning Officer who died in mysterious circumstances in the process of the elections.

“Why must an election officer be murdered after every General election? Whose ghost do we anger by performing our constitutional duties?   Chebukati asked on Friday.

The IEBC boss further said that since former ICT manager Chris Msando was murdered five years ago, no investigation has been concluded or any progress reported.

Relating Msando’s death to that of Musyoka, Chebukati said the only mistake they did was to serve the nation diligently and honestly.

“In 2017, we lost Chris Musando and now we have lost Musyoka. We cannot continue making working for IEBC a death sentence,” Chebukati added.

It is a good thing the IEBC chair attended the funeral of this Kenyan who was doing his job and we need to get the details of what happened.

Chebukati used the occasion to remember another IEBC worker brutally killed before the 2017 elections whose body was dumped in a ravine after the murder.

I was in Kenya when that whole nightmare happened and it looked like the powers that be wanted that guy eliminated to help facilitate election rigging in 2017. Chebukati knows that Chris Msando was killed to help him rig the elections and he delivered in the rigging only to be stopped by the Supreme Court.

Chebukati never attended Chris Msando’s funeral. He was killed by his friends at the time and he would never have wanted to be seen to be sympathetic to the dead and unwanted person that Chris Msando was to the powers that be at the time.

In fact, over the 5 years since that murder, Chebukati and the entire IEBC as an institution has never demanded any justice for the family of Chris Msando. They have never even bothered to meet them. Their son was murdered to help to rig in 2017 and that is the end of the story.

Now the same people who killed Msando to rig the 2017 elections have worked with Chebukati to rig another election in 2022. This is Chebukati’s legacy and he should be very proud of it but he is not going to lie to Kenyans with fake tears about killed IEBC workers. Chebukati is doing more harm to IEBC workers than anybody else in the country other than his sponsors who actually kill them.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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