Now Kalonzo Musyoka wants to hand over Mombasa Governor to Ruto and UDA

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I have tried my best to be nice to Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka so as not to sound too harsh on an alleged Azimio coalition member and possible asset. But frankly, the time for Azimio to keep babysitting Kalonzo is over and he should be told that in no uncertain terms.

From the way Kalonzo is behaving he needs to know there is no way in hell, a person like him becomes the running mate for the Azimio presidential candidate. It would make the outfit a laughing stock in the country. Leaders in Azimio are too smart to let one selfish person take them to ruins.

If Kalonzo was still hoping for the DP slot, this latest move has finished off any such hope. The Wiper leader is now technically finished in the alliance. He is just too toxic and politically backward to the point of near insanity.

I suspect he knows already that he will not get the DP job and now he is like that five-year-old boy mad with his mom because he didn’t get a cake and is throwing the toys in the garbage to punish his mom, forgetting those are his toys, not his mother’s.

Giving a ticket to Mike Sonko to contest the Governor position against the Azimio candiate where the key Azimio leaders, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila had negotiated and are still sorting out a partnership to take the job is a direct insult to both of those leaders by Kalonzo.

Those leaders (Uhuru and Raila) are not stupid and they are going to tell Kalonzo to work with Azimio or get lost. He can join Ruto if he wants or be the running mate to Jimmi Wanjigi in Safina.

Kalonzo knows Sonko cannot win the Mombasa governor job. But Sonko has money and maybe Kalonzo needs some of it. The game here is to keep pressure on Uhuru specifically to “force” Azimio to make Kalonzo the DP. He is doing his kati kati politics again. It is going to flop in every way possible because he has nobody to help him think through things.

This is a very complicated transition election for the country and Kalonzo can wait for 2027 or maybe 2032 even up to 2042 but he will not sabotage Azimio for his now well-known personal agenda. Kenyans have bigger issues to deal with in this coming election than one individual who wants to ride on other peoples’ backs while offering nothing of value to the team.

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The other issue here with this Sonko entanglement is that Azimio leaders keep telling Kenyans that the cornerstone of their plan for us after the polls is to banish corruption and recover money stolen by political thieves. In fact, at every turn, Raila and Azimio have said that without fighting corruption all the talk about development is just nonsense because the leaders grab all the money.

If that is indeed Azimio’s platform how on earth does Azimio get entangled with someone like Mike Sonko who played around with Nairobi County money as if it was his private money from drug deals and things like that, where the money comes and is thrown around right into the pits because more is coming.

Sonko turned Nairobi, our biggest and richest county, into a village joke while trotting around with gold chains and other things for juveniles in the United States doing their bling bling runs for shows to attract attention. He even pretended to be working from home most of the time as we can see in the picture above.

And Kalonzo goes and grabs a person like that as his gift to the people of Mombasa as part of the Azimio team. It says a lot about what you think about the people of Mombasa. You want to dump Sonko on them to make him the governor of our second-largest city after he ruined the first in the line, which is Nairobi City.

Maybe I am being too harsh on Kalonzo Musyoka but this is work time for the country and some of us are going to be brutally honest with our politicians. If you can’t handle it stay away.

If Kalonzo was in Mombasa holding rallies to popularize the Azimio Coalition of which he is a member and getting voters ready for the battle ahead I would be the first person to support him and in fact, that would have been an excellent way to make himself visible and available for the Azimio DP job. He would have a better chance that way.

It is strange that Azimio leadership council where all their key leaders including the Wiper leader just held their much-hyped first meeting at KICC to come up with a formula to move their campaign forward at all levels. And after that meeting here is what happens with Mombasa governor’s race.

That is what a mess in politics looks like and nobody needs it in our country if they are serious about being our next government.

Does anybody think Sonko is interested in being the Mombasa governor? He is not. Sonko wants theatre and drama which is his calling card. Now he is in that game. Why should any sensible person fall into that trap?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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