NMS to demolish Oginga Odinga’s Nairobi home

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A house belonging to first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga in Nairobi’s Jerusalem is set to be demolished by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) in a move residents say is politically motivated. The building is among the 1500 houses in Jerusalem and Jericho neighbourhoods earmarked for demolition by August. 

According to some residents, the push to demolish the house heightened when Raila Odinga fell ill, and was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital, with some people now questioning the real motive behind such a move. Also, those currently living in the area are wondering why Mr Odinga is quiet yet their home is under siege.

“See, the push to improve these areas was only heightened when Raila Odinga was admitted in the hospital. We are wondering, how in the era of the Handshake, Raila Odinga could be quiet, yet his turf is under siege.”

Christened the Odinga house, the building housed the first Vice President and his family in the 1950s and is still currently occupied by the Odingas. According to Ms. Everlyne Awino Agola, the current occupant, the houses are still strong and habitable, despite NMS declaring them unfit for human habitation. Ms. Awino is Raila Odinga’s niece, a daughter to Ngire Agola Odinga who is a younger brother of Dr. Oburu Oginga and the ODM leader.

The house is more than a home to the Odingas, because it reminds the family of Jaramogi’s humble way of living and also, whenever Raila Odinga is on the campaign trail, he usually passes by the Jerusalem house for ”blessings”.

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