Kisumu reception takes Uhuru, Ruto men back to the drawing board

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The entire country is full of praise to Kisumu and the people of Luo Nyanza for their great hospitality and wonderful reception accorded to the guests who have been in the lakeside city since Monday. Madaraka Day celebrations at the Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium in Maomboleo, and how different politicians were warmly received in Kondele have stood out as some of the major highlights of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trip in the region.

It is now emerging handlers of President Uhuru Kenyatta and those of Deputy President William Ruto are back to the drawing board, following the heroic reception the two politicians received on their visits. Until three years ago, both Uhuru and Ruto were persona non-gratas in the city, and, their presence would lead to a brutal confrontation with police, and the death of residents.

On Tuesday evening, a source intimates to this publication the Deputy President convened a meeting at his Moiben home, to asses the impact of Kondele reception and plot for his grand return to Kisumu. Unlike previously thought, there were no instances of political commotion or booing the DP.

”It was not expected and Kondele has shocked everyone. I can confirm the meeting took place because Ruto slept in Moiben last night,” the source said.

After Jubilee took power in 2013, William Ruto took sole responsibility of facing off with Raila Odinga and cut a figure of Odinga’s harshest critic. The attacks intensified in 2018 when President Uhuru and the ODM leader shook hands in March, a move which left a bitter taste in the DP’s mouth.

On the other hand, the team around President Uhuru Kenyatta is keen on according Raila Odinga a similar reception when he visits Mt Kenya anytime in the future. According to the source, Kisumu was an eye-opener of how much the country can achieve if political differences are set aside for a bigger picture of a united country, as espoused in the BBI.

”Jakom was pelted with stones in Githurai which is the gate way to Mt Kenya. Mzee took it in stride and forgave the plotters. Kisumu shows real political maturity and a similar event is being planned soon,” he added.

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  1. Luopeans are politically mature and prone to welcome any visitor without problem but are liberal in nature

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