New Jubilee senator recounts being evicted from Kuresoi in 2007

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The newly nominated Jubilee senator Isaac Ngugi has recounted how his family was evicted from Kuresoi, Molo during the 2007/2008 post-election violence. Ngugi, who was nominated to office last week disclosed he was just a teenager trying to learn the basic ways of life when the eviction took place.

”When we were ejected from Kuresoi, Molo, with my entire family, at the height of the 2007/8 post-election violence, forcing us to seek refuge kilometers away in Nyandarua, I was a mere teenager still trying to learn the basic ways of this life. We had lived with our neighbours quite peacefully for years, co~existing in the most harmonious way possible,” Ngugi wrote.

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”Even with the minor skirmishes that occasioned the 1992 and 1997 elections, we still clung to hope that, it would never get to a point where we would have to leave the place we had called home for ages simply because of political competition; but the unimaginable eventually happened in the most traumatizing way. The events of 2007/8, characterized by abrupt high octane animosity pitting people who had lived together for so long against each other, shook me into sudden reality and set me on a journey I am forever passionate about; that of preaching and championing for peace and tolerance among our people,” he continues.

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The senator explains, ”I am particularly committed to ensuring that, never again will our young people be incited by anyone seeking to advance selfish political agenda. Instead of allowing anyone who harbors divisive agenda to use us, it is our duty as young people to be at the forefront championing for a more united and harmonious country.”

”As youths, we have a future to navigate and we can only make it more prosperous for us if we forge ahead together,” Senator Ngugi affirms, adding, ”Elections will come and go but Kenya will outlive them. If ethnic animosity is to be overcome in this country, then it is we the youth who have the best chance to propagate that dream. All our energies must therefore always be directed towards this noble course. The national unity dream is top of my Senate agenda.”

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