Murkomen Announces Arrival of 50 New Wagons for SGR Freight

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In an effort to enhance its rail services and maintain a competitive edge in the global market, Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen announced Monday, February 5, 2024, the arrival of 50 new wagons to bolster the operations of the Madaraka Express freight service.

“This is a key milestone for Kenya and the region as we seek to improve rail services and efficiency,” stated Murkomen. He also emphasized the crucial role of continually upgrading the country’s transport infrastructure to remain competitive, asserting, “For Kenya to remain competitive, we must continue to improve our transport infrastructure.”

Furthermore, Murkomen highlighted that the arrival of the new wagons is a strategic response to market dynamics and evolving customer demands. “The new wagons are part of our strategic response to market dynamics, and the need to meet the ever-changing customer demands and gain a competitive edge,” he said.

Notably, this is the first addition of new wagons since the SGR’s inauguration in May 2017, signifying a significant investment in the country’s rail services. The new wagons will be equipped with power plugs for transporting chilled containers, opening up new revenue streams for the SGR.

“The refrigerated wagons will be a significant boost to our horticulture sector. We will be able to accommodate the desires of clients from all around the world,” Murkomen eagerly remarked, highlighting the potential impact of this development on Kenya’s agricultural economy.

With an additional 250 wagons expected to arrive soon, the future looks bright for Kenya’s rail services as it continues to make strides in enhancing its freight capabilities.

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