Mudavadi’s conflicting statements on BBI ruling exposes a hardcore fence sitter

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Amani National Congress leader has once again shown how much he can swing, more than a pendulum, following two contradicting statements over the BBI, in a span of two days. Speaking in Isinga on Friday, the ANC leader hailed the ruling without clearly pronouncing himself, saying he will comment on the issue at a later time. This is despite always demanding a front-row seat in the process.

”All is not lost. We recommend and appeal to all leaders, to consider a return to the conversation table and re-start an inclusive national dialogue styled on the format of the 1997 IPPG arrangement. This national dialogue should be as inclusive as possible.” Musalia said on Friday . Mudavadi’s pronouncement painted him as a weak and indecisive leader, who is working hard to please both sides of the political divide.

In March, the former VP, together with Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Gideon Moi (KANU) and Moses Wetangula (Ford Kenya) made an appearance on national TV, claiming to be the real promoters of the BBI and were committed to it.

The formation of One Kenya Alliance, complete with the BBI slogan, ‘Kenya Moja’, was seen as an attempt by a section of the Executive to shortchange Raila Odinga and isolate him from the exercise he has carried on his broad shoulders from March 2018.

Almost three months after claiming to take over and champion for the BBI, Musalia Mudavadi, the defacto OKA leader, is not sure whether the constitutional amendment process followed the right procedures, and is worth defending at such a time.

”Raila Odinga’s statement is not similar to Musalia’s. Other than the part about disparaging courts, the two statements are worlds apart. While Raila’s statement is clear, firm, and succinct on the next course of action, that is appealing the warped ruling, Musalia’s statement is confused. He is suggesting we restart everything through parliament,” Polycarp Hinga, an online political commentator laments.

Great leaders are known in times of a crisis, especially like the one we are in currently – a test Mudavadi failed over the weekend. Across his political journey, the ANC boss has cut an image of a docile, non-aggressive, and velvet-gloved leader not ready to put his neck on the chopping board, for his political decisions.

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