Mudavadi badly exposed over Huduma Namba flip-flop

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Musalia Mudavadi’s doublespeak was exposed on Tuesday after strongly criticizing the government over what he termed as the planned use of Huduma Namba in the upcoming 2022 polls, saying it could be a scheme to interfere with next year’s election outcome, yet in April 2019, the ANC boss called on Kenyans to enlist for the Huduma Namba card insisting on its importance.

In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, the former vice president said the Huduma Namba system has serious gaps which elicits minimum public trust and it must not be used for purposes of developing or managing a voter registration for the 2022 general election.

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”There is general agreement in Kenya right now that we have a serious trust deficit and that this is a key ingredient in the divisive elections that the country has severely suffered from. A voter register is the most sensitive and delicate component of our elections. It is dangerous to do anything that will further dent public trust,” the ANC boss said.

He also recalled that the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, an independent State Commission, as well as the Kenya Human Rights Commission, the Nubian Rights Forum and other civil society agencies filed a case at the High Court to stop the Huduma Number process.

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The ANC leader’s statement is a departure from his earlier stand in 2019, when he described Huduma Namba registration as a critical national excercise and that the document gave the government ability to serve its people in a variety of ways.

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