Mt Kenya would easily unite against Raila and Ruto, Nyeri Town MP

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The talk of an alliance between ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto continues to draw mixed reactions, from Kenyans and different leaders. The latest to chime in the debate is Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu, who says the move could easily unite Mt Kenya against the duo.

”Ruto is a viable presidential aspirant ONLY because a section – not more than 30% – of Mt Kenya voters support him. But he knows that this 30% supports him because they think Raila is the only other option and they can’t support Raila,” the MP wrote on Saturday on his Facebook page.

In his argument, President Uhuru Kenyatta holds sway in the populous Mt Kenya block with a 70/30 competitive advantage over William Ruto’s support in the region. The Odinga-Ruto unity would galvanize the region’s vote into a single basket due to what he described as ‘motivations that usually kick in to motivate a united political direction’ during elections.

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”If Ruto and Raila were to work together Mt Kenya would easily UNITE AWAY from both. If Uhuru did not support the Raila/Ruto coalition he would then easily swing the region to support anyone else. The motivations that usually kick in to motivate a focused and united political direction in the region would then kick in and the entire 8M Mt Kenya votes would be in one basket.”

Even though MP Wambugu takes into account the political brilliance and ruthlessness of Odinga and Ruto, he says President Uhuru Kenyatta has a political advantage over the two. He wonders whether Raila, backed by Ruto going against President Uhuru Kenyatta was a gamble the two (Raila and Ruto) were willing to make.

”But both Ruto and Raila understand this. They are extremely ruthless, brilliant and experienced politicians. But they also know that Uhuru has proven to be all these things and more, than them. Are they willing to gamble against him knowing that if they gamble they might lose – while he stands to lose nothing whatever happens?” the MP quipped.

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