Mt Kenya pastors roll out prayer program for a non-Kikuyu and non-Kalenjin president

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The Mt Kenya Pastors Network is rolling out a prayer program in the coming weeks to support a non – Kalenjin and non – Kikuyu president.

This, they say, is purely in the Christ spirit of fairness and to affirmatively, dispel selfishness from the minds their congregations.

They note that Kikuyu – Kalenjin alliance if extended beyond 2022 would contradict and defeat Christian principles of justice and equality of all people in the eyes of God.

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”It would lead to the two communities uniting to subjugate, and more or less, enslave and, trample underfoot, interests of the entire 41 other communities, which, too, are citizens of this country by choice of the Almighty God,” one of the organizers said.

The men of cloth from the populous region are now calling on members of their congregation to avoid politics of exclusion by voting a non-Kikuyu as president when President Uhuru retires next year.

” No one chose to be born Gikuyu or Luo. Once we found ourselves here, God expects us to live peacefully and in harmony,” the network said.

Currently, the strongest presidential contender outside the Kikuyu-Kalenjin matrix is Raila Odinga, who is also President Uhuru Kenyatta’s preferred choice.

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