Moses Kuria Forgets He is a Cabinet Secretary

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Moses Kuria is barred from the US for wishing Raila Odinga death.

Kuria had posted that Raila Odinga should be assassinated and used an American allegory, of the killing of US President Abraham Lincoln.

What was offensive to the Americans is not so much that Kuria wished Odinga death but that in his post, he appeared to celebrate the killing of President Lincoln, something the Americans did not take lightly, and not only barred him from meeting visiting American officials, but also visiting the US.

President Ruto in his last week tour had to make do with Adan Mohamed, an ex-CS under President Uhuru, as his top trade aide.

Kuria was not making the first of such corrosive attacks on Mr. Odinga. He once led a group of Gatundu youths brandishing machetes, baying for Raila’s blood.

At that time, Raila was holding Anne Waiguru accountable for theft of funds in NYS.

In the last campaigns, Kuria dusted the twin issue of ’60s oaths, and circumcision; as reasons for Mt. Kenya not to vote Raila Odinga.

Be that as it may, the mistake Kuria made in his last outburst was to forget that he was now a minister of the government of Kenya, and, in that capacity, his utterances had consequences.

Kuria has been one of the most toxic Kikuyu leaders when it comes to exploiting tribalism to advance the politics of that region.

Kuria’s rise in politics has had everything to do with his ability to play the anti-Luo tribal card.

Someone like Kuria should therefore have been moto wa kuotea mbali.

No ODM leader and especially no Luo leader should entertain Kuria.

If there is a person the ODM Party should put a public embargo on, it is Moses Kuria.

The reasons are legitimate.

The precedent is well established.

And yet…

Dikembe Disembe is a political researcher and writer.

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