More than 100 Elected Leaders Join Raila in Machakos

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Azimio leader Raila Odinga was accompanied by over 100 Azimio Coalition elected in his Machakos rally, the fourth of a series of the peoples’ forums the coalition has lined up to pile pressure on President William Ruto to vacate State House.

Mr. Odinga insists the Azimio coalition won the election with 8.1 million votes against Ruto’s 5.9 million and has declared the current administration illegitimate.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, former Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa, Jubilee Secretary general Kioni, MPs Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja), Patrick Makau (Mavoko), Babu Owino (Embakasi East), Tim Wanyonyi (Westlands), Robert Mbui (Kathiani), Mawathe (Embakasi South), among others were part of today’s huge entourage that is expected in Busia tomorrow.

Before the rallies, the Parliamentary Group of Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition Party held a two-day meeting in Machakos.

The meeting reviewed the state of the Kenyan nation, currently characterised by rising frustrations and anger over high cost of living, confusion in the education sector, doubts over commitment to supporting devolved units, and threats to Kenya’s multi-party politics, all perpetuated by the UDA administration.

The Parliamentary Group resolved as follows:

  1. The PG restates the position that Azimio does not recognize Dr. William Ruto as the legitimate President of the Republic of Kenya.
  2. Azimio reiterates that it will not participate in the reconstitution of IEBC through the formula and process being proposed by the Kenya Kwanza regime.
  3. That the Kenya Kwanza administration has put Kenyans in an existential struggle for survival with the cost of basic necessities of becoming untenable. This trend must be resisted and reversed and Azimio has resolved to provide the leadership needed to achieve this.
  4. That Kenya Kwanza be made to immediately embark on steps to reverse the huge tax burden it continues to impose on the people of Kenya that has seen taxes make up more than half of the price of goods and more than half of the people’s income.
  5. Azimio has resolved that the Kenya Kwanza administration must be forced to take steps to bring down the cost of goods and services and in addition also increase the minimum wage to keep it above inflation. On these, Kenyans need time lines from Kenya Kwanza and not false promises and rhetoric. The cost of living was supposed to come down immediately the administration took power but today the administration does not even mention it. Unga was supposed to be trading at 70 now.
  6. That with Azimio providing leadership, Kenya Kwanza be forced to restore and expand the social protection programs which guarantee a basic monthly income to the poor.
  7. That, with Azimio providing leadership, Kenyans mobilize and oppose plans to sell off state run parastatals. These entities, some of which are critical to our nation security, must be allowed to continue serving public good rather than lining the pockets of individuals. Further, these parastals are public property and cannot be sold without Parliamentary approval. The current attempt to amend the law so that these parastatals are sold at the whim of administration will be resisted by the people of Kenya.
  8. On Education, we have resolved that the Kenya Kwanza administration be compelled to resume free education and to return the subsidies and bursaries that have always been available for all Kenyan children.
  9. That the Kenya Kwanza regime be compelled to immediately address the confusion, the chaos and the mounting expenses and demands surrounding the implementation of the Junior High School program. Azimio pays tribute to the late Prof George Magoha whom we lay to rest tomorrow for his passion, vision and resolve that is now missing. Had this administration let Prof Magoha stay, we are sure we would not have witnessed the confusion we see today. Tomorrow, members of the administration will flock to Gem to voice hypocritical and false praise to the late professor yet they refused to allow him to finish his work of implanting the new education system and instead elevated politics above the interests of the children of Kenya.
  10. That we have taken note of the suffering of university and college students and we demand that the Kenya Kwanza administration immediately release all pending HELB funds to help ease the suffering of students. Azimio notes that inflation has wiped out the purchasing power of the current allowances given to university students and demands that the administration must also increase the amount available under HELB in light of the inflation. In addition, and to end the destitution prevailing in our campuses, Kenya Kwanza administration must be forced to restore the old catering services in all public universities to enable all students’ access decent meals. Open the kitchens to enable students live in dignity.
  11. That the Kenya Kwanza administration immediately releases monies to the counties to enable devolved units offer services that are critical to our people at this very difficult times. Azimio supports the formula put up by the Council of Governors. We also support calls for the full transfer of devolved functions including water, health and agriculture to the counties with immediate effect. We note that over 4000 doctors are currently unemployed yet Kenyans cannot get the health services they deserve. Kenya Kwanza must immediately make it possible for county governments to employ these doctors as part of the process to achieve UHC.
  12. That the Kenya Kwanza regime must immediately stop all lies and release the NG-CDF and NGAF monies to all constituencies to help ease the burden of people for whom these funds are a lifeline. Twice the regime has promised to release the money but failed to keep its word.
  13. Finally, we note we are currently engaged in a just struggle for this nation; a struggle for good standard of living, struggle for democracy and struggle to safeguard our hard won multi-party political system that is under threat. In this struggle, we shall not tolerate acts that amount to a betrayal of the dreams and aspirations of the people of Kenya. Azimio therefore asks its elected leaders to shape up or ship out. There will be no two ways about this. The flirtations and co-habitations with the Kenya Kwanza regime under whatever pretext is totally unacceptable. Development is to be sought from Parliament which appropriates resources and not from State House. State House has no constitutional mandate or power to appropriate funds. That mandate and power resides in the two houses of Parliament; Senate and National Assembly. Our people must not succumb to the black mail, dirty politics and dirty money being dished out by the regime that is struggling for legitimacy.

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