Meg Whitman Will Not Help or Save Kenya Because that is Our Job as Kenyans

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One thing struck me as very strange and insulting to Kenyans when President Ruto went on his rampage attacking Raila while defending US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman, who has turned herself into a partisan Kenyan politician and behaves as if she is a member of Ruto’s UDA Party.

Ruto said it was the people to decide who was rogue. The Opposition or The Ambassador. Fair enough and then Ruto went on to say some really damn and sorry stuff.

“I was imagining between the people who are orchestrating the destruction of property and sabotaging our economy and those working with us to create investment opportunities and capital for the people of Kenya, who is actually rogue,” Ruto said.

Mr. President, how about your police officers who have murdered 50 Kenyans in cold blood and many in a very gruesome manner, with some Kenyans being shot 9 times even when already half dead? How rogue are your killers destroying our country? Are these police killings now normal business in Kenya with your government and the killers are saints?

Mr. President you are committing terrible crimes against Kenyans and in fact, you are committing crimes against humanity. That is beyond rogue. It is criminal and those committing these crimes belong in jail.

Has our new politician Meg Whitman said even a word about Kenyans who have been murdered by the Ruto police in broad daylight in the last two months? Has she asked the US government which she represents in Kenya to help and support victims of state murder in Kenya?

That is what foreign representatives in Kenya used to do when Moi was killing Kenyans who wanted justice in the country. What has Meg Whitman done about that?

It is not the business of Meg Whitman to determine whether Kenyans had free elections in 2022, just like it is not the business of Kenyans to tell the US that their elections in 2020, which they are still fighting about, was free and fair.

Today, the United States is one of the most divided countries in the world with Republicans and Democrats fighting like they are enemies about to strangle each other to death.

Maybe the Americans need their own peace talks to stop embarrassing themselves before the international community. If they can’t do that they should ask the UN to help mediate peace and common sense for a country called the United States of America. But Meg Whitman should not tell Kenyans about their elections because she knows nothing about it.

But Kenyans being killed by the Ruto government is something Kenyans will deal with and they do not need any permission from Whitman or William Ruto to address that and they are doing it as we speak.

There are those who may say that Raila telling Whitman Kenya is not a US colony are harsh words to use. You are behind the news.

Right now as the Americans battle for the next presidential election in 2024, one of the favorite Republican presidential candidates Ron Desantis from Florida told Americans and the whole world two weeks ago that slavery was a very good thing for those African American slaves because slavery gave them a lot of skills.

Tim Scott, another Republican presidential candidate, who is also the only African American in the Senate for the Republicans and a very conservative guy was pissed off. Tim Scott told Ron Desantis never to try to glorify slavery in America. He said there is nothing whatsoever good that came from slavery in America. And indeed more people (Africans) died from slavery than those who have been killed in all wars in the world.

Slaves being transported across the Atlantic Ocean were often thrown into the ocean if they ever were sick from anything. I was telling my co-workers the other day when we had a workshop about racism in North America, that the most scary thing for the slaves was when they were thrown under the ocean to die there.

I told them most of those people had never even been swimming in the oceans. They went there to catch fish and make a living. All of a sudden you find yourself under the water trying to swim and drowning to death. Maybe that is one of those very helpful skills they got from being slaves and Ron Desantis is very happy about that. So the US colonization of Africa through slavery and useless political lectures are not new to us.

Let me remind Whitman of what Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Toure) said about racism in America.

“If a white man (woman wants to lynch me, that’s his (her) problem. If they got the power to lynch me, that’s my problem. Racism is not a question of attitude; it’s a question of power” Stokely Carmichael

As Kenyans can expect, all KK leaders are now yammering on and on about Meg Whitman and how Kenyans should bow down to her.

As we all know, the entire Ruto government brigade spends every single day talking about Raila, Azimio, and the demonstrations by Kenyans. They never talk about anything else other than making endless promises about how good Kenya will be in 2024, 2025, and 2026.

They don’t give a shit how Kenyans have been struggling to live since they took office. Kenya in 2023 is of no interest to Ruto and the KK mob because they know they are screwing Kenyans up right at this time.

So now all the KK guys are screaming about how we should all bow down to Meg Whitman who has become their new president for a few days.

“Kenya has a history of upholding respect for diplomats of various States. Any attack or reckless talks in the envoys is uncalled for,” Wetangula said.

They are all in the Whitman defense team and that is what they are going to talk about for the whole weekend and the next week. I am sure that will really help lower the cost of living in Kenya.

Let these KK politicians come back to their senses if they have any and deal with our reality, which is the fact that the country is in a mess that if not addressed properly, will bring Kenya to its knees in a very short time and there will be no Meg Whitman there to save the country.

Kenyans will do that by whatever means necessary. That is what every country does when they are in an existential crisis like Kenya has right now.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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