Kenyans Ready to Take their Country Back

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Nobody wants a handshake with an illegitimate regime led by William Ruto. That was the message from Azimio and their leaders as well as the masses of Kenyans at the Kamukunji rally today. The threats from Ruto and his DP did not work. Kenyans were there at the rally to stand up for their country. Kenyans need a full audit of the August 2022 presidential election results. That is not a difficult thing to do.

Open the servers and get an independent audit of the results. It is a very easy thing to do.

If Ruto won the elections fair and square, Kenyans have to accept that. If Ruto lost the election so be it. Just do the audit and those who want to dance for Ruto can do so for the next five years if their legs are still there. Why the heck is Ruto scared of an independent audit of an election he claims he won?

Our emphasis as a country at this time is to avoid confrontational chaos. Ruto now says he will put Raila in a corner and beat him up. That is not easy.

I first met Raila at Kilimani Police Station after the August 1, 1982 coup attempt. As far as Moi was concerned he was heading to the gallows at Kamiti. It didn’t work. The last person hanged at Kamiti when I was there was in 1987 and he was one of the Airforce soldiers involved in the coup attempt.

It still gives me headaches because I was the prisoner in charge of cleaning the prison guard uniforms and after they killed the guy, none of my fellow prisoners wanted to clean the clothes of the guard who killed him because they told me the blood of the guy killed will be on the guard’s uniform and they don’t want to touch it. I told them I have no way of figuring that out.

The way they hanged people at Kamiti is that they drop you on the rope downstairs and most of the time the person drops down still alive and then the prison guards descend on them with big rungus and smash them to death. The prisoners don’t want to touch those clothes and I am in charge of washing them. That was my problem then.

Anyways, at Kilimani Police Station Raila whom I had met only once before tells me to stay calm after he learns I am a student leader from Nairobi University. Before I met Raila, I met this other guy Muga Kolale at Muthangari Police Station. He was an MA student at the University at the time. The police come to talk to him in the cell. They tell him his wife has just gave birth to a daughter. Muga was very happy to hear that.

The cops tell Muga he must be the most stupid man in the world. They tell him he was in jail instead of being with his newborn child. Muga laughs loudly much to the dismay of the cops. He tells the cops he is in jail so that his daughter can have a better life when she grows up. He tells them he is in jail for her and the cops just leave.

History and struggle for human rights are very complicated things. Raila knows that and all Kenyans know it too. Nothing has ever been given to us on a silver platter.

Not our independence. Not our land. And never our democracy. Kenyans have fought every inch of the way for everything they have including the 2010 constitution which is now being trashed by our courts and the DPP who today has to withdraw every case of theft of public money by the Ruto friends. Those things don’t worry Kenyans because they can deal with them. They have done it before and will do it again.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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