Kenyans Have Never Lost A Liberation Struggle, Raila to Ruto

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Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga has vowed to sustain anti-government protests, saying it’s the only way to liberate Kenya.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Raila said the current struggle is against politics of deceit, corruption, dictatorship, and arrogance.

The opposition chief assured that despite arrests and killing of Azimio supporters by the police in recent demonstrations against the high cost of living, the coalition will emerge victorious as “Kenyans have never lost a liberation struggle”.

“We get beaten, arrested, and killed but we never lose. In the past, we have suffered detention without trial, police brutality and even a totally compliant judiciary and still, we did not lose. We shall not lose the one currently underway,” Raila stated.

“Police killings during protests have happened in the past. Almost always, those shot are innocent Kenyans not involved in demonstrations.”

He said the killings are meant to spread fear among Kenyans so that they succumb to the excesses of the regime in power.

He claimed that a special squad had been activated to brutalize Kenyans taking part in the anti-government protests.

“Unfortunately, this time round, it is not just the official security officers that are being unleashed on Kenyans. Kenya Kwanza has embedded a trained killer squad in the name of Operation Support Unit into the official security agencies and unleashed it on Kenyans,” the opposition supremo said.

According to Raila, the squad was disbanded a few years ago and its members sent home.

“Last Wednesday, OSU was in action in Kamkunji, Jogoo Road and Mlolongo, firing at protesters and killing some. OSU’s main brief is to hurt and execute Azimio leaders and protesters,” he alleged.

”We will soldier on. Arrests trumped-up charges, illegal detentions and incarcerations have happened in the past. We have always remembered the victims as the heroes of our liberation. We remember heroes like the late George Anyona, Edward Oyugi, Ngotho Kariuki and Njeru Kathangu who were jailed on trumped-up charges.

“We remember Koigi Wa Wamwere who was numerous times arrested, denied bail, and held for several years each time in an attempt to silence him. We remember the recently deceased Prof Micere Mugo and the late Prof. Ali Mazrui who were forced into exile. We remember Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia who were detained without trial for demanding for what is today a basic reality of Kenya’s politics and one of the pillars of our Republic, multi-party politics.”

Raila noted that the opposition will continue to celebrate Kenyans killed in anti-government protests as “martyrs of our liberation”.

“We acknowledge all those being arrested and charged and acknowledge them as political prisoners,” he added.

Azimio on Friday announced plans to hold protests thrice – on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – next week.

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