Kabogo to DP Ruto: Bolt out and plan your manifesto!

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William Kabogo has lashed out at Deputy President William Ruto over his rebellion against President Uhuru Kenyatta. Speaking on Monday evening, the former Kiambu Governor wondered how the Ruto claims to be country’s Deputy President, yet he does not agree with policies of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

”You can’t sit there as the president’s deputy and say you don’t agree with the policies. You don’t agree with the manifesto you were elected with, so bolt out, plan your manifesto and let this man finish his game. This is not about succession politics, it is the principle the world over,” Kabogo said. His criticisms of the DP come at a time when talk is rife the president does not see eye to eye with his deputy, and the DP’s Annex office has been stripped of all government duties.

The Kiambu politician has also dismissed claims of the Head of State trying to use the BBI, to extend the elections and subsequently his term limits.

”Unless you change the Constitution, Uhuru will go home (at the end of this term), and whenever I speak to him I remind him of that. And why would they change the Constitution to make him stay in power? He is just one man,” he added.

On Mt Kenya politics, Kabogo said the region will vote as a block in 2022. The former governor brags the region has 37 percent of the county’s vote, and any politician with intention of winning the next poll should craft their coalitions to accommodate the Kikuyus.

“When I see people forming coalitions without any Kikuyu in them, I am happy. Do you know why? Because when they need numbers they will have to come to us. We are the majority and vote as one bloc. So, why will we go fill up anybody else’s cup? If there is anybody to form a coalition without Kikuyus it is difficult. We have 37 percent of the votes,” he claimed.

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