Jubilee Horror Show coming to an End

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The Jubilee Parliamentary Caucus has announced plans to revamp the ruling outfit in an effort to give it a fresh lease of life.

In a statement on Thursday, the parliamentary group said it has listened to calls from members of the party and will hold a National Delegates Convention later this month, where they will deliberate on the process.

“In the same breath, we are happy to announce that Jubilee has cleaned house at local and national level and shaken off most of the bad elements who have been undermining the party, including, unfortunately, none other than the Deputy Party leader William Ruto,” the statement posted on the party’s official Twitter said.

The party said more details on the revamp process will be unveiled during the NDC.

The parliamentary group said it will do everything to protect the legacy they have created over the past 10 years.

“As a party we will swallow any bitter pill if that is the only guarantee for a better, healthier and more robust party.”

The party also called out Ruto over his remarks against the party on Wednesday, saying that Jubilee is dead and that no amount of effort can revive the outfit.

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“The Jubilee Deputy Party Leader and his small team of rebellious allies have officially said that they have left the Jubilee Party, for UDA. We, therefore, cannot understand the anger and bitterness we see in them when they hear that Jubilee is revamping, in preparation for the 2022 elections,” Jubilee said.

As we all know, Horror Shows never really come to a happy ending but sometimes the end is just good enough by itself.

The Jubilee marriage of convenience is blowing to its logical end.

In Kenya today, we literally have two heads of our one state.

Uhuru is at State House and traveling around the world representing his country as the president of the Republic of Kenya. Uhuru’s deputy president William Ruto is also now a head of state operating from his palace in Karen and touring the country 24/7, campaigning for his new party UDA while still being paid our tax money as deputy president complete with all the benefits that come with it, including paying for his palace.

So when Jubilee National Delegates Convention meets later this month and officially expels Ruto and his UDA from the party, they have abandoned it is going to be high drama with all sorts of possibilities.

The real issue here is going to be if DP Ruto can keep his office after being expelled from Jubilee.

For all practical purposes, Ruto doesn’t do anything for Kenyans as the Deputy President.

Ruto gets paid huge money to do nothing for Kenyans and just campaign every day for himself. This is theft of public money by itself but that is nothing compared to the insubordination the DP is causing by telling his boss, Uhuru that he, Ruto will stay in office and Uhuru can go to hell if he has problems with that.

Now when they are facing expulsion it is the same Ruto and his mob who are angrily protesting and throwing tantrums that they are being expelled.

In fact, Ruto himself has been demanding at every turn that President Uhuru should apologize to him and to Kenyans for having destroyed Jubilee by associating with Raila. Uhuru has simply ignored Ruto and his tantrums.

The same Ruto who refuses to do any work and gets paid for campaigning is the one who cries about being the victim. Anybody who knows Ruto knows that he can’t say anything unless he is crying about being a victim of one thing or the other.

This is our victim whining Ruto complaining about Raila destroying Jubilee, even as he himself is destroying Jubilee in front of the whole country, very thirsty to have all power in 2022. What goes around, sometimes comes around Mr. DP. Take your time.

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That is Ruto’s political DNA, You rob the country dry and you are the victim.

You are accused of killing people since 1992 with YK92 thugs and during the 2007/8 Post Election Violence and you are the victim.

You grab public land belonging to KAA and build your hotels there and you are the victim.

Now you get paid for doing nothing and you are the victim.

And because you are this lucky super-rich victim now you demand to be Kenya’s next president unless you are sacrificed for others.

To his credit, Ruto knows one thing.

The 2022 General Election will have profound complications and consequences for people like him because theft of public land and properties is going to be huge on the agenda of the next government if they can defeat the thieves and crooks holding our country hostage for more than 30 years now.

If Ruto has any sense of decency and respect for the Kenyan taxpayers he should have quit his DP job and gotten on with his 24/7 campaign. But as the master of impunity, Ruto wants it both ways.

The one thing Ruto cannot afford and that is why expulsion from Jubilee could be a thorn in his bum is to have a direct confrontation with his boss, Uhuru.

In the last year or so Ruto has been attacking and belittling his boss for having abandoned their so-called Big Four Agenda, but that has now died down completely.

Ruto knows that in Kenya, and Africa as a whole there is no such thing as a lame-duck president. That was their machismo talk before but reality has caught up with them.

In Africa even being a president with one day left in office is like being a life president.

Secondly, the bragging of Ruto and his mob that they have Mt. Kenya votes in their back pocket is dying down because they know they don’t. It could be a 50/50 scenario of any other mix and President Uhuru is going to have a lot to do with that.

Ruto’s original miscalculation and hope was that Uhuru will dilly dally with Raila and then forget that and come back to support him in Jubilee. That hope is now dead and buried.

The calculation and new hope for Ruto now is that Uhuru will be indifferent and stay away from the elections. That may not happen when the stakes are as high as they are in the next elections. Also, Uhuru has pretty much crossed the line.

The worst possible thing Ruto and his loose-mouth mob did was when they started attacking Uhuru’s family, particularly when Ruto’s corruption and land theft issues were coming up in parliament. That is a red line. You go there you are going to get smoked.

Ruto is probably going to beg Uhuru not to say anything bad about him even though the DP attacks Uhuru every day accusing him of betraying Kenyans and all sorts of things.

The one thing Uhuru most likely never anticipated is how his handshake with Raila would turn Ruto into a practical mad man. Ruto talks about how when history is written the opposition dismantling of Jubilee will be a “defining” chapter but he forgets one more thing the history books will write about here.

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History will remember how one man, Raila Amolo Odinga, turned the deputy president of Kenya nuts for four years and counting just by shaking hands and reconciling with the sitting president who is Ruto’s boss.

Now at least both President Uhuru and Raila are working for Kenya when Ruto is fixated on being Kenya’s president come September 2022. For Ruto, Kenya just doesn’t exist until he becomes the president. Luckily, some other Kenyans can see beyond that.

The other issue that Ruto has realized is complicating things is that the Uhuru and Raila message is that of uniting the country and avoiding perpetual election chaos and violence.

Ruto is scared that the message of unity for the country could resonate very well with a Kenyan population who want peace. It doesn’t matter whether your slogan is bottoms up or down, Kenyans need peace and unity above anything else.

Ruto needs to find out why Arap Moi’s brand while taking over from Jomo Kenyatta in 1978 was “Fuata Nyayo”. Moi’s message to nervous Kenyans particularly those in Kenyatta’s backyard was that his job will be to follow Kenyatta’s footsteps.

If Moi had come with any antagonism towards Kenyatta he would have been Dead On Arrival and even Njonjo would not have saved him.

That is the science of political succession. It is not too complicated.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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