Government Wants Corruption To Thrive And For That COB Dr. Nyakang’o Has to be Hanged

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Kenya woke up to the frightening news that their very hard-working Controller of Budget Dr. Margaret Nyakong’o had been arrested by the Kenya police and was in custody for some alleged fraud of running unregistered Sacco which the police claimed happened in 2016.

We are talking about a government that cannot find and or arrest mega thieves who just now are enjoying Sh. 17 billion of taxpayer money they used to buy rotten cooking oil. Chances are that the big thieves on the cooking oils scam actually never bought any oil but just took the money from the Treasury because a huge robbery of Kenyan money and that can only be done through President William Ruto.

The thieves just brought in a few cans of some dirty stuff so the KEBS can ask that the oil be shipped back and nobody actually has seen or knows where that cooking oil is in Kenya.

From the latest news, it looks like President Ruto has turned the KEBS into another joke because the same KEBS who told the Sh. 17 billion cooking is not fit for human use has turned around to now say the oil is good for use. For Ruto and the KEBS big bosses, don’t mind stuffing rotten cooking oil into Kenyan pots for the citizens to eat. If they get cancer later from bad cooking oil that is their problem and they can go to heaven much faster.

Nyakong’o has been a thorn in Ruto’s neck because she actually does her job and has been exposing corruption and theft of public money both from the national government and the counties. Ruto just cannot stand a person like that and the plan now is to figure out how to kick her out of office so that the government can get a willing partner to help them complete their thieving project for the next four years.

Ruto wants the public money robbery door wide open for him and his friends. At the rate, Ruto and his friends are looting the country, once that door is open there will be nothing left in the Kenya Treasury. Ruto wants that money to flow out without any interference.

Here is an example of of why COB Dr. Nyakang’o is a trouble for Ruto particularly when he told parliament that it looked like the Ruto government’s written budget being passed in parliament was completely fake and fraudulent.

“When I was doing the budget for consolidated funds services, this is where my salary is paid from, I found out that my salary was budgeted at three times what I’m paid. I am the only state officer in my institution so there is nothing like confusion there,” she said.

“I’m all alone. So, I asked them why is the budget showing three times what my annual salary was. And it was like that for all the state officers. I have not received the answer to date.”

The COB raised the same issues at Bomas NADCO meetings on national reconciliation and cost of living.

Dr Nyakang’o, speaking before the National Dialogue Committee at Bomas of Kenya, said that salaries of State officers are inflated by three times in the budget. This makes one wonder the intention of such a move and what happens to the extra money once the budget is approved.

The COB further said that many of the loans taken by the government, including those taken last year, had ambiguous definitions.

She added that the National Treasury could not provide a clear account of projects to which loans were allocated. This situation prompted her to question the Treasury about the budget’s excessive estimates.

Regrettably, she noted that she had not received a satisfactory response regarding this budgeting discrepancy, raising concerns about the accuracy of budgetary figures in various areas. She said the country’s excessive borrowing practices and expenditure patterns had contributed to the current financial crisis.

She proposed a review of various areas for budget cuts, which included domestic and international travel expenses, refurbishments and fuel consumption.

Can anyone imagine the damage to the economy if the Ruto government triples the pay for Kenyan civil servants and takes two-thirds of that money?

The Ruto regime has not responded to the very damaging revelation by Dr. Nyakang’o which tells Kenyans they know she was saying the truth. Now she has to be stopped from revealing any more facts from the consolidated funds in the national budget.

Incidentally, Dr. Nyakang’o has been very tough with the counties too and just a few days ago she told the Senate Finance Committee that 70% of all money allocated to counties goes in salaries and benefits for the politicians and hardly anything is used for development to improve the lives of Kenyans in those communities.

In February 2023 Dr. Nyakang’o received a letter from the Council of Governors (COG) warning her never to talk about county finances. That was a letter from COG chairperson Anne Waiguru making it clear to the COB that stealing public money is the number one job of the Ruto politicians and they don’t expect to be disturbed doing that great job for Kenyans. Dr. Nyakang’o told them she will not stop doing her job as long as she was in office.

With her double assault on corruption at both levels of government it was a matter of time before William Ruto could manufacture things to throw her out of office.

“The arrest was always coming, in light of her determination to act professionally and with integrity in a regime infested by crooks and unprofessional conduct. It was only a matter of when, not if Ms. Nyakang’o was going to be sent packing on frivolous and trumped up charges to create room for a user-friendly holder of the office, who will support and sanitize the looting currently underway,” said Raila Odinga the Azimio leader.

“Dr Margaret Nyakang’o is one government officer who has kept off the politics of Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio la Umoja and performed her roles well, there is a plan to hound her out of office since she was not going to accept corrupt activities happening under her watch,” said Onyonka

Ruto wants a COB that will be like the current Kenya Auditor General who seems to be getting paid to do absolutely nothing in auditing Kenya government expenditure and revenues. Nancy Gathungu the current AG for Kenya has a very simple job description which is to see nothing and say nothing and get paid her salary for doing that diligently.

Before Nancy Gathungu became the AG in 2020 the one running the office before her, Edward Ouko was a thorn on the Jubilee government on issues of abuse and stealing public money.

It was a thankless service, says ex-Auditor General Ouko

Talking to the media after leaving office in 2020, the ex-Auditor General Edward Ouko said he feared for his life after his security detail was withdrawn immediately after he left office.

According to media reports, in an emotional submission before the National Assembly’s Constitution Implementation Oversight Committee, Ouko said he is unhappy with his retirement. He said his eight-year tenure as the Auditor General was a thankless service to the nation.

Described as daring, bold, and fearless, Ouko assumed office as the Auditor General on August 27, 2011.

He had run-ins with the government and remained a constant target of the Jubilee administration which was unhappy with his stinging audits that exposed widespread corruption in various government departments, including the Eurobond.

In 2017, he survived an ouster by Parliament after High Court judge George Odunga quashed a petition by a Nairobi lawyer to investigate his conduct.

In the same year, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission pushed for abuse of office and breach of procurement laws charges against Ouko for allegedly awarding a Sh100 million software contract.

However, then Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko shot down the report citing lack of evidence incriminating him.

AG Edward Ouko also proposed for a law change to make the Auditor General an ex-officio Member of Parliament, saying it is a common practice among commonwealth countries.

He however noted that he is proud of his tenure more so for establishing the critical office from scratch.

“I believe I fulfilled my oath of office during the eight years. I worked without fear or favour and with dedication,” he said.

“The office is also critical in the fight against corruption because more than 60 percent of investigations undertaken by EACC, DCI, and even ODPP emanates from the reports given by this office.”

From the ongoing framework of looting money by a government with no oversight, William Ruto wants a Nancy Gathungu type in the COB because right now Margaret Nyakong’o as the COB is the only voice Kenyans hear on waste and stealing of public money.

If Ruto had his chance they would hang the COB at State House or in Sugoi. How dare she try to stop the big politicians robbing the country quietly which is the best way that kind of robbery is supposed to be done.

The attempt to throw the former AG out of office on cooked-up charges failed because the then DPP Keriako Tobiko refused to buy into the scam and threw the case out in 2017 which was the year Ruto and his boss Uhuru were trying to get re-elected and they needed every money they could get and this Ouko guy was standing firm and exposing them.

In the case of Dr. Margaret Nyakang’o Kenyans know that the office of the DPP does not exist anymore because Ruto runs everything by himself and gives orders to the DPP. Everybody has seen how Ruto working with the DPP office has now washed out all the corruption shit of Sh. 63 billion dam money that was all over Ruto’s buddy Henry Rotich.

The DPP in Rotich’s case actually ordered all state witnesses in that case to refuse to say a word in court and provide no evidence whatsoever on Rotich’s grand theft. Obviously, Rotich was a minor shareholder in that Sh. 63 billion robbery and the main shareholder has to help his frontline thieves like Rotich.

As we can see Henry Rotich big partner in the dam money theft, Kamau Thugge is now already back working for Ruto at the Treasury and that is where his thieving buddy for Ruto is heading.

Anybody stirring trouble for the grand thieves of the Ruto regime is going to bite the dust and Kenyans will have to fight at all levels to stop the nonsense to cut off Dr. Nyakong’o from doing her job brilliantly.

Here is Thugge on December 5, 2023, as the boss at Central Bank of Kenya having been appointed by Ruto raising the interest rates for CBK to 12.5% from 10%. That puts bank interest rates in Kenya at the highest since 2012. Why not turn CBK into a Hustler Bank for Ruto?

Ruto regime today as all Kenyans can see is a government of thieves, by thieves, and for thieves. Good luck with that for Kenyans and for Ruto.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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