How Did DP Gachagua’s Loads of Cash Shipped from Wilson Airport Turn into this Sad Joke?

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The Ruto government has turned into a terrible spectacle for Kenyans. We know that and it is fine because that is what most Kenyans expected it to be.

But lying to Kenyans about billions of taxpayer money being flown from the Wilson Airport to Uhuru’s friends before and after the elections is not something to joke about, particularly when millions of Kenyans are in dire straits, just for the basics of living.

Kenyans were told by the DP that loads of cash were transported to people and that is a deadly serious issue for which Uhuru Kenyatta should have been arrested and jailed. Now it is a completely different story.

Why on earth has the Ruto government decided that they need to fool and lie to Kenyans every day about billions of taxpayer money stolen by Uhuru Kenyatta?

Is it because the Ruto government wants to organize a grand theft of the taxpayer money and create the excuse that the other guy also stole billions, so there is nothing wrong if they go a step further and loot a couple of hundred billions themselves?

This whole spectacle is truly disgusting and Kenyans need to dig into it or forget any hopes of a decent country. We have an Al Shabab of thieves in Kenya and they keep bombing and taking their territory for theft just like the other Al Shabab does in Somalia where even in Mogadishu, each warlord owns a few streets which is their “country”.

In Kenya, the Ruto government is now building a regime of every leader defining their terrain where they loot everything. To hell with the country and the citizens. The Ruto government is very confident that Kenyans are too dumb and too weak to resist massive theft of their money and all they have to do is to develop a narrative for us to accept criminal thieves as our leaders and our hope.

From news reports, there seems to have been no sacks of cash shipped from the Treasury to Wilson Airport.

According to Yatani, the Ksh.15.5 billion contentious funding was approved in respect of fuel and maize subsidies as well as allocation to the construction of Lamu-Garissa and Garissa-Isiolo Roads which he says contractors had abandoned work and needed their bills paid. 

“The funds were also allocated to the construction of a modern referral hospital facility for Kenya’s Defence Forces. This facility was recently opened by H.E President Dr. William Ruto. If indeed the said Ksh15 billion was stolen, how did the President commission this hospital?” adds Yatani.

The former Treasury CS goes further to point out that the current administration of President William Ruto recently applied the same constitutional provisions of Article 223 to approve a Ksh.127.5 billion expenditure for the national government through a supplementary budget that was passed last week. 

“The expenditure (Ksh.127.5 billion) was approved by the Controller of Budget using the same constitutional provisions that applied to the said Ksh.15 billion that I had approved and which she now says are irregular.”

It has now emerged that DP Gachagua asked for Shs. 1.59 billion to buy furniture. I don’t know if the DP required gold-plated chairs and tables like the Saudi King maybe or he just wanted something little to eat. Talk about a joke of a government.

New revelations have emerged detailing how the office of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua intended to spend additional funding of Ksh.1.59 billion requested from the National Treasury after the August elections.

Documents seen by Hivi Punde indicate that the Office of the Deputy President, through former State House Comptroller Kinuthia Mbugua, wrote to then-Treasury CS Ukur Yatani on September 7, 2022, requesting for Ksh.1.59 billion to “implement urgent planned activities.”

In the letter, Mr. Mbugua stated that the Office of the Deputy President was experiencing increased activities and also needed to facilitate programs of the Office of the Spouse of the Deputy President therefore the approved budget for the Financial Year 2022/23 was not sufficient hence the need for the additional amount.

“The allocated approved budget for the FY 2022/23 under the Deputy President services program is not adequate to cater for the expenditure for the planned activities. The Office of the Deputy President, therefore, requests for additional funding for various expenditure items…” reads part of the letter.

According to the letter, the DP’s office intended to spend Ksh.1.59 billion on purchasing motor vehicles (Ksh.300M), other operating expenses (Ksh.550 million), domestic travel (Ksh.140 million), hospitality (Ksh.330 million), maintenance of motor vehicles (Ksh.70 million).

So why is our country in such a mess?

Forget the sick government we have. Everybody knows that by now including those who voted for Ruto. Let’s look at the other problems facilitating the mess our country is in right now.

Number one is that the EACC is not doing its job and Kenyans would be better off without them. The moment DP Gachagua talked about Shs. 24 billion of taxpayer money being shipped from Wilson Airport, the EACC should have been on that case.

EACC should have gone to Gachagua’s office if they are too scared to summon him and asked him to provide the details and evidence of that massive heist so they could investigate and hold the thieves accountable.

Did the EACC do that which is supposed to be their job? No, they didn’t. Why? Because they are part of the new fake government or any government that pays their salaries and benefits.

Instead, the EACC as announced by their boss Twalib Mbarak is busy investigating Fred Matiang’i whom the Ruto government has decided is enemy number one in Kenya.

People are talking about endless billions of taxpayer money being stolen and Mr. Mbarak does not even have a word to say about it. Why? It is because his job is not to protect public money but to protect anybody in power. So he is doing his job and he will keep it for a long time as long he protects thieves and shove Kenyans down the drain.

The second reason our country is in big trouble is that we no longer have a parliament. The Kenya parliament simply does not exist. It is an irrelevant institution in the country today. MPs are only concerned about money going to their pockets.

They have the CDF money now being illegally given to them and directly into their pockets. That is all they care about. The only other thing they want is how to visit State House for more money. The truth is that it does not matter whether the MPs are from UDA or Azimio. In terms of money in their pockets, they want the same thing. End of story.

The last nail in this coffin for the ripping off Kenyans’ face is that our human rights organizations are practically dead. I don’t want to talk about the taxpayer-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) under the leadership of Odede.

They are getting paid and living large and that is all for them, fine. We will meet them somewhere we would rather not meet. But even the independent human rights groups in Kenya pretty much don’t give a shit about the country. Maybe they have other pressing matters to deal with.

Last we need former president Uhuru Kenyatta to speak out and tell Kenyans what happened. He has been accused by the DP no less, of mass theft of taxpayer money just before he left office. If he did it we want him in jail. If he did not do what Gachagua has accused him of doing, he needs to come clean on it so Kenyans can figure out what to do with Ruto and Gachagua.

In the meantime, Ruto is busy launching one project of housing and others per week when our country has between Sh 2 trillion to Sh 9 trillion in stalled projects.

The World Bank released a report of 522 stalled projects like housing, roads, schools, dams, and everything. Do you think any sensible government would work out a system of completing all these stalled projects instead of announcing new projects which will be stalled for the next twenty years?

Those are three examples of stalled projects in Kenya which are unfinished housing, dams, and roads.

Now Ruto is busy setting up another 100 projects meant to be stalled so government operatives and the big boys can easily steal the money under the lie of using that money to build something like the Kimwarer dam, where the money was stolen by Ruto’s friend Henry Rotich.

We have mega looting being set by the new Ruto projects. Get ready for that fellow Kenyans.

The best way to steal money from Kenyans is to start projects with no intention of completing them. That way you even get loans from international financial institutions the way Kimwarer did and just swallow the money and Kenyans pay back the loan for the next 20 years for stolen money.

We know the trick and Ruto is taking it to a new level.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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