Escalating Insecurity, SGR Vandalism Rock Oloosirkon in Kajiado East as Illicit Traders Invade

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The residents of Oloosirkon within Kajiado East, Isinya Sub-County are crying out for help from the country’s security apparatus following a wave of vandalism and escalating insecurity that has rocked Tuala and its surrounding areas.

According to the Oloosirkon Residents Association, numerous incidents of metal vandalism, scrap metal dealing with stolen property, and theft of private property, ranging from valuable pieces of equipment like wheelbarrows and metal pipes, reinforcements, as well as livestock, have been reported at diverse times, as and when they occur, to the local police station and the provincial administration.

”Whereas some cases are never reported for a number of reasons. These cases have either been handled carelessly, unprofessionally or been dismissed as a result of lack of proper and professional investigation leading to arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators,” a letter from the association reads in part.

This, the residents, note could be attributed to the lack of a department of criminal investigations within the local police station among other reasons. They explain that these criminal activities are taking
place in broad daylight, and the locals are feeling helpless and vulnerable.

As of the time of publishing this piece, several portions of the SGR, being a critical government infrastructure had been vandalized and will continue to be vandalized as security agencies take time to apprehend the suspects.

Locals are now worried about their security as this level of brazenness may soon result in robbery with violence cases joining a long list of unresolved crimes in the area.

The Oloosirkon Residents Association says Oloosirkon center is rife with crime and criminal activities owing to the proliferation of unlicensed businesses, ranging from Salons, Hotels, Bars, Miraa dens, wines and spirits running beyond the stipulated business hours (11 pm).

To resolve the current insecurity issues, the association has made a number of demands to the security apparatus, including an immediate overhaul of current police officers who have served the area for over 6 years.

They are also calling for an establishment of a DCI unit as well as a screening of all businesses to weed out illegal and unlicensed traders.

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