EACC Raid at My Office Linked to BBI Remarks -Governor Waiguru

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru now claims she is being politically targeted following her remarks after the Court of Appeal declared the BBI is unconstitutional.

According to the County Boss, the raid at her office by the detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is no coincidence as it comes just days after she made the remarks.

Earlier, Waiguru had stated that following the fall of BBI at the Court of Appeal, the Mount Kenya region should be prepared and be open to talks with like-minded leaders for the share at the big table.

“We are looking for tangible solutions to empower our people, which will be presented on the negotiation table,” Waiguru said.

Waiguru now says these remarks put her in trouble as the EACC raided her office and are digging into nonexistent files which are aimed to scuttle her 2022 political ambitions.

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She further alludes that the raid is linked to the 2022 succession politics.

“Last time I said, ‘On BBI let me keep quiet a bit’. Immediately, EACC raided my office. Recently I said am introspecting on the political way forward, and again immediately I get EACC summons complete with all the subtle threatening inflexibilities,” Waiguru said.

She added, ” media alerts on an alleged payment of 52m (allocated by County Assembly – for a pending bill that was acquired in 2010, for subdivision, allocation and cadastral mapping of over 7000 acres of South Ngariama Settlement Scheme.”


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