EACC is deader than Dead. Thanks to Bishop Wabukala. No Kenyan Public Thief needs to worry about It

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Many Christians and their leaders particularly think they are on their way to heaven and they are just walking the earth to praise the Lord. But Bishop Eliud Wabukala the former Bishop of the Anglican Church is one of those Christians going to hell on day one of his death or even before. He is probably there already. Poor fool.

Even he knows that and that is why he has taken the devil’s work in Kenya with great enthusiasm and efficiency in helping thieves in positions of leadership rip Kenya off to pieces. He is doing the devil’s work and he is very proud of that effort. Good for him.

So I was surprised today seeing former governor Wa Iria almost in tears crying that the EACC wants to fix him with the charge that he robbed his county of a ton of money and put Shs. 542,000 into his wife’s account who was in the county robbery business with him.

Mr. Wa Iria should not even be worried about the EACC. They have never convicted a single thief of public money in Kenya in their whole lifetime. In fact, the real question is why are Kenyans paying these bogus people so much money, more than Shs. 3 billion every year so that they can sanitize state thieves.

Right now the biggest story in the Kenya nonsense war against corruption is that anybody close to William Ruto or willing to bend before him will have any charges against them withdrawn by the sad character we call our DPP Mr. Haji.

So Mr. Wa Iria do the right thing and you exactly know that any charges against you will be withdrawn and then you and your wife can enjoy that stolen all your life and get knew opportunities to steal even more public money.

Here is Wa Iria lamenting about his predicament:

“This is witch hunt. They want to soil my name and the work I accomplished in the 10 years I served as governor instead of focusing on implementing the promises they made to the people.

He said those contending for the kingship should come out and face off with him saying he will not be cowed.

“They used EACC to cleanse themselves of huge cases and now want to dump all the waste on me. I will not be intimidated. I’m no longer in office. If they want a fight, we will fight,” Wa Iria said. 

On Thursday, Lady Justice Esther Maina issued orders freezing two properties belonging to his wife Jane in a case where the Commission is seeking to recover Sh542 million from the former governor.

One of the properties is located in Umoja, Nairobi while the second is located at Mweiga in Nyeri county, both worth Sh16,300,000.

Wa Iria wondered why the EACC was going after him yet graft cases worth billions of shillings against some individuals were withdrawn recently.

Early last month, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew a Sh7.5 billion graft case against Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over lack of evidence.

The office also withdrew a corruption case against Public Service and Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa who had been charged with illegally obtaining Sh19 million.

How did Wabukala get to be the chairman of EACC? Does he know anything about financial management or has he done anything in fraud investigations? Zero, Zero, and Zero. My mother who ran a restaurant in our town knows more about finances and management than this treacherous Bishop. But Eliud Wabukala was put in that job in 2017 after he had done a great job for Kibaki and Uhuru with his then-friend William Ruto, to sabotage the entire Bomas constitutional reform process led by Prof. Ghai and Prof. PLO Lumuba Otieno before him.

I attended the Bomas conference in 2003 in Nairobi and the consensus was to have a parliamentary system of government with a Prime Minister as the leader of the government and the President as head of state. It was a complete war at Bomas to get that done and after that, the State House boys came up with a plan to have something called the Naivasha conference where they reversed everything Bomas approved.

Kibaki took that to the referendum in 2005 and was defeated thoroughly by Kenyans and they had to go to the drawing board. That is when Bishop Wabukala was appointed by Kibaki as the new head of the constitutional change project. He helped the powers that be to dodge and duck but finally, in 2010 a new constitutional draft was put to the referendum and this time it passed even though it was a mockery of the Bomas Draft because it retained the president to be the king of everything in Kenya.

William Ruto meekly opposed the 2010 Draft which he now pretends to worship and still want to change. Ruto’s issue at that time was that the new constitution endorses gay marriage. It was nonsense from him and everybody ignored him.

But it was after Bishop Wabukala had been successful in manipulating the Katiba process that the powers that be figured he can be a very good figurehead with his church uniform and crookedly compromised morals that he would be the perfect guy to head the EACC so that it can be reduced to nothing very fast. So in 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed Wabukala as the new EACC chairman and for five years he has delivered exactly what was expected of him.

The EACC is now a sad and very expensive joke in Kenya and the crooks appointed by the state to work below him.

A few weeks ago the EACC CEO announced that they have recovered Shs. 6.2 billion of stolen public wealth.

Here is the report from the Thieves Commission that had to invent to lie to Kenyans:

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has been able to recover assets worth Ksh.6.2 billion in 2022, Deputy CEO Abdi Mohamud says.

Addressing the media during the Commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2022 at the Kenya School of Government, Mohamud commended the commission for stepping up its fight against corruption in the country.

He said the Anti-Corruption body was committed to weeding out corrupt public officials who were illegally acquiring government property for their own personal interests.

“On realisation that what drives people to get involved in corruption is the desire to acquire wealth, EACC has prioritised the recovery of stolen assets from public officials… that is our strategic focus,” he stated.

“It is important for us to deprive them of that particular illegally acquired wealth. In the last year alone, EACC has recovered Ksh.6.2 billion of stolen assets. That is half the budget of EACC.”

Mohamud pointed out that the amount was equivalent to half of the annual allocated budget for the commission, something he said shows the magnitude of corruption.

“If EACC was a business entity you recover double your expenditure for that particular year then that would be a growing concern,” he noted.

In light of the commission’s mandate to tame corruption, Mohamud said EACC was holding public officials to account by ensuring they participate in wealth audits.

“It has also resulted in the development of the law… out of the cases that we present in the court we have been able to reach a situation where in this country, public officials are supposed to account for everything that they own, we call it ‘prove it or lose it to the public,” he said.

There are all sorts of nonsense from the EACC but this kind of stuff is beyond imagination. Here are a few questions for the EACC leadership.

  1. If you have recovered Shs. 6.2 billion of Kenyan stolen money this year, who did you recover it from. That money did not just fall in your laps. Who are the criminals you got this money back from? If you can’t say that we know it s because you did not recover a penny.
  2. These thieves you are recovering money and property from, when are they being charged in court for their theft of public money and property? The point of the EACC was to scare Kenyan big thieves when they know there are severe consequences for their crimes. Without any consequences, the thieves are having a free run. Is that your plan?
  3. Given the to issues above, who exactly is the EACC working for. So far it looks you are working for the thieves. Then why should Kenyans continue paying you when you are not only doing anything for them but lying through your teeth about that?
  4. The CEO said that the alleged Shs. 6.2 billion recovery is half the budget of the EACC. In other words, Kenyans are paying you Shs. 3.1 billion a year just to lie to them while protecting the thieves. You can keep going but at some point Kenyans are going to burn down that EACC building down to ashes and none of you better be in the building when that happens because nobody really cares that much about you. Kenyans consider you worse than the political thieves robbing us clean every day.
  5. Last but not least, at some point we are going to rebuild our human rights and civil society groups and one of our biggest duties will be to investigate and audit all the work groups like the EACC have done for the country. It is coming and it wouldn’t be very long. Just wait for us. Please. We are very patient people when dealing with thieves and criminals like those who run the EACC and their bosses. Just sit pretty there. We are coming.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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