DP Gachagua Catches Uhuru Stealing 24B. Wonderful for Kenya

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“In the next few days, I will be releasing details of billions of shillings looted from the public coffers in the last three months of the last administration. I will announce the ministers and the PSs responsible so that Kenyans can know,” Gachagua said.

The DP also alleged that the plan to move to the Supreme Court to challenge the declaration of William Ruto as the President-elect was a plot to get more time to empty the coffers.

According to Gachagua, more than Sh24 billion was looted between the time IEBC announced Ruto as President and the day he was sworn in.

I know there are many Kenyans who think Ruto’s DP Rigathi Gachagua is a complete lunatic and I am probably one of those people who think of him like that, but when the DP of any country makes this kind of statement having found evidence of billions of stolen money from the taxpayer, they have an obligation to provide that information and the evidence for the benefit of their country and its peoples.

We can’t just say oh, the DP is a nut case forget about him. He is the second in command of the country and that is why Kenyans cannot allow that to happen. We want the evidence of that massive theft by Uhuru and his buddies which Gachagua has in his hands and we want it now. The DP has promised to provide that evidence and he has to do it without fail.

No Kenyan including Uhuru Kenyatta is going to take crap about this. If Shs. 24 billion of Kenyan public money is in the hands of Uhuru and his friends at a time when citizens are dying from starvation and drought.We want that money back, right now.

Kenyans are really facing some very hard and unsolvable situations if we do not get the money to feed the citizens. This is one of those nightmare situations..

500,000 people in Mandera starving, says governor

Mandera Governor Mohamed Khalif says more than half a million people in the county lack food and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

The statistics, according to Khalif, are contained in the ‘short rains assessment’ report commissioned by his office. About 550,000 residents are in need of food supplies.

“Failure of rains for five consecutive seasons has resulted in inflated prices of food,” said the governor at the weekend.

About 60,000 households spread in the 30 wards will receive food, particularly the vulnerable, the elderly, persons with disability and internally displaced persons.

According to the governor, the intervention also targets special needs groups, special schools and registered orphanage centres. Phase one of the intervention was carried out last November.

“In order to ensure that relief food distribution is effective and reaches those who need it most, we have conducted an accurate assessment of the needs and vulnerabilities of different populations and decided to use targeting mechanisms that prioritize the most vulnerable groups, such as children, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people, and people with disabilities,” said Khalif.

The department of Special Programmes has procured 750 tonnes of foodstuffs and 180,000 litres of cooking oil. 

“Every household will receive 12.5kg of rice and 3 litres of cooking oil. Distribution of the foodstuffs has started and is expected to continue for one week.”

I know people like Gachagua and their crazy mob go to church everyday and they want to do that for five years. Good for them because they go to church with full stomachs and sing and dance all day. That is their business. The concerns for Kenyans is to getting food to eat even to get out of bed before they can make it to any church.

So Mr. Gachagua can Kenyans get this Shs. 24 billion back and get some food or did you just cook this up to entertain yourself? Kenyans need that answer right now. Quick please.

In Garissa County the number of starving people according to their governor is 509,000 people. So we have one million Kenyans with no food just in those two counties and there is trouble for food and survival in the whole country. Kenyans need to collect all the money from these alleged thieves and feed its people.

Kenyans have to hold their politicians accountable and in this case we are holding both Gachagua and Uhuru responsible and accountable. We are doing that immediately. Kenya cannot entertain village political nonsense any more.

If Gachagua has the evidence as he has told Kenyans, he has to produce it. If he is lying for political reasons, Kenyans are going to hold him accountable because we know he is lying. It is him and his government stealing hundreds of billions from Kenyans.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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