DP Gachagua Calls For Judicial Accountability

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has urged judges and judicial officers to demonstrate patriotism and accountability in the execution of their duties.

He expressed concern over the suspension of government projects by the judiciary, suggesting that such actions were aimed at undermining crucial government programs through legal means.

The Deputy President emphasized that judicial officers must consider their social contract with the people and refrain from obstructing government projects through legal challenges.

“We call upon them to act patriotically and to consider the welfare of fellow Kenyans. While exercising their independence, they should do so responsibly, as it is essential to do so,” stated the Deputy President on Sunday when he joined athletes at the Tinderet Barng’etuny Mountain Run National Championships held in Tinderet Constituency, Nandi County.

Gachagua argued that the judiciary should be held accountable for its decisions, much like other branches of government are subject to scrutiny by relevant institutions.

“Somebody must provide oversight for the judiciary because the Executive is overseen by Parliament, and the people oversee Parliament. Who is overseeing the Judiciary? Someone must ensure they are held accountable. They must be willing to accept accountability. We must ask questions,” he stressed, echoing President William Ruto’s call for cooperation in all arms of government.

Ruto has been on the spot in recent days after declaring that he won’t obey court orders he said are obtained through corrupt means.

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