Dikembe calls for disbandment of ODM Youth League

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Former ODM Deputy Director of Communications Dikembe Disembe has called for disbandment of the ODM youth league, saying that the outfit is dead.

Dikembe, a former Moi University Student Leader, attacked the President of ODM Youth League, calling him ”gutless, spinesless, vissionless and sorrowful”, adding that he does not inspire .

”The thing’s so called President – John Ketora – is gutless, visionless, spineless and sorrowful, and does not ooze political oomph. Even Nathaniel Akadima of ANC is more prominent nationally, yet Akadima is heading a shell. If you ask Ketora what’s the ODM Platform for 2017-2022, he won’t tell you off the cuff ” he wrote.

The former ODM party official who not mince his words also took on the outfit’s Secretary-General, whom he said ”must have died in the Titanic” and the National Coordinator, he described as ”spending more time dyeing his hair” than coordinating activities of the youth league.

”The thing’s Secretary General must have died in the Titanic. The thing’s National Coordinator spends more time dyeing his hair than coordinating ODM Youth activities. ODM Youth League must get a completely new generation of youth leaders…it must!”

According to the ODM Party Constitution, the ODM Youth League Leader, also known as the Secretary for Youth Affairs, should be a youth aged not more than 30 years at the time of elections. He or she should be responsible for the party’s activities and policies among the youth of Kenya.

The current President, Joseph Ole Ketora, assumed office in June 2016 after the previous office holder, Rashid Echesa decamped from ODM to Jubilee Party.

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