Deputy Governor Oduol Denied Entry into his Siaya County Office

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William Oduol, the Deputy Governor of Siaya, bemoaned the MCAs’ refusal to let him into the office despite the Senate’s decision to clear him.

On Tuesday, June 27, Oduol said during an interview on Ramogi TV that the MCAs urged Governor James Orengo to find him an office outside the county.

He added that the MCAs had filed new charges against him with the Siaya High Court and would not allow him to go back to work.

Further, he stated that the MCAs, in the fresh charges, claimed that he was unfit for office and asked that the court relooks into the matter.

“The MCAs are saying that I am unfit for office and they have refused to allow me to work from my office.

“They want me to be ejected out of my Siaya office until their appeal is heard and they want Governor James Orengo to get me a separate office outside the county,” he lamented.

Oduol asked the MCAs to forgive him and resolve any grudge that they had against him.

Additionally, he noted that his intention was to deliver for the people who voted him into office instead of focusing on wrangles with other political leaders, noting that the MCAs did not have any authority to kick him out of office.

“Please respect the people who voted for you and stop bringing up issues that are non-existent. I want to tell them that they do not have the authority to choose the office where I will be situated and this issue will bring chaos in the county for no reason.

“The people are tired of these accusations against me. I am pleading with them to forget the past. The charges they are taking to the high court were part of the ones that were settled by the Senate,” he added.

Siaya MCAs requested that Oduol be investigated by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on charges of gross violation of the constitution.

This comes after the Senate on Monday, June 26, rejected a committee report that recommended the removal of the deputy governor from office after 27 senators voted against it. 16 members approved the report to impeach Oduol. 

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