Corruption: Will President Ruto’s Wisdom of Placing Foxes to Take Care of the Sheep Work?

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President William Ruto has demonstrated he can deal with low-level graft. Where the rubber meets the road, however, is high-level larceny.

Graft that involves folks at the presidency, folks in the cabinet, folks who spend their entire evenings storying with H.E. himself.

High-level graft movers under Uhuru, some of who got fired, returned with President Ruto shouting persecution and witch-hunt.

Many of them have since been placed atop critical state institutions. Will President Ruto’s wisdom of placing foxes to take care of the sheep work?

There is always a fallout when the government decides to fight graft. It will be very interesting to hear what those fingered by President Ruto say.

Will they also claim persecution and witch-hunt? Will the language of “targeting our people” return, or will it be a thing of the past?

Dikembe Disembe is a Political Researcher and Writer.

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