Tax Avoiders Funding the Opposition. Does President Ruto Even Know what He Says?

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Yes, the big tax thieves are funding some very bad things in Kenya. They have to be stopped and Ruto is very right about that. But the president forgot that it is the tax thieves funding his government for favours to help them keep the money they have stolen from Kenyans.

It is working wonders for them. The tax thieves are not funding the Opposition. They are the financiers of your regime, William and they now have everything they stole from Kenyans.Thanks to you.

President Ruto leads a cabinet retreat at Humphrey Kariku’s luxury resort.

Look at those pirates running around at a resort of a tax thief and feeling very happy that finally, they got Kenyans where they want them to be.

Here is what Kenyans know about Ruto’s new love friend, who hosted him at his hotel where it costs Shs. 28,000 per night per person.

It was a shocker when the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) seized tycoon Humphrey Kariuki on August 19, 2019 on claims of Sh41 billion in tax evasion.

Mr. Kariuki was picked up by DCI sleuths who later drove him to their Kiambu Road-based headquarters.

And when he was finally arraigned, the court ordered him to deposit Sh11 million cash bail to get his freedom back.

He was accused of having failed to pay taxes due to Kenya Revenue Authority for Africa Spirits Limited (ASL), producers of popular varieties of vodka, brandy, and gin.

That tax thief Mr. Humphrey Kariuki has now been told he does not need to pay any taxes and his tax evasion cases have all been thrown out and now all he needs to do is to host William Ruto at his luxury hotel for resorts, for which Ruto will give him additional taxpayer money in hundreds of millions.

Another big tax thief whose case was of stealing Shs. 2 billion in owed tax has been withdrawn by Ruto is Mary Wambui who Ruto actually had the nerve to appoint to his cabinet.

And good news came in bundles for Tabitha Karanja of Keroche Breweries in Nakuru who being a UDA Senator, now has all the billions her company owes in taxes wiped out of the books and she can forget about her company ever paying taxes again as tax thieves take charge of the Kenya government. These tax thieves are now the heroes of Kenya’s next generation. How sad is that?

These are just simple facts right in our faces as Kenyans and yet in all that, a completely overwhelmed Ruto wants to tell Kenyans that it is the tax avoiders running the opposition against his government, particularly with the frightening evidence of outright vote rigging in the August 2022 elections, where the numbers show William Ruto lost the election by more than 2 million votes.

If Ruto actually won the presidential elections, he would be at the forefront demanding that an independent audit of the election results be shown to Kenyans so that everybody can see he won the elections. Ruto cannot do that because he knows he lost the election. So instead, Ruto is doing twists and turns, talking about nonsensical things that have nothing to do with the elections. It would be shocking if he even believes the kind of crap he is talking about.

Do these Kenyans in the rallies fighting for their democracy look like the tax thieves that Ruto is cuddling with as the whole country sees?

Ruto should look seriously into the words of veteran columnist Mutahi Ngunyi who is not necessarily a Raila supporter by any stretch.

“Dear Ruto: You asked for the opposition. You got it. What is the problem now?  Bark less, bite in silence,” he said.

Ngunyi further said Raila thrives in crisis that why the former presidents had to eventually work with him.

“Raila in crisis is like a fish in water. He will make this country ungovernable. Moi climbed down, Kibaki climbed down and Uhuru climbed down.”

On Saturday, Raila warned President Ruto that he should not underestimate him.

Speaking at Jacaranda grounds, Raila said the power of the people is mightier than the government’s authority.

“You don’t know us, go and ask Nyayo (former President Daniel Moi), you…. the power of the people is the voice of God,” Raila warned.

One alarming thing about all we have seen is just how scared and timid Ruto is.

If Raila is lying and making up numbers, arrest him then because he would be engaging in a criminal activity. Why can’t that happen? Because Ruto knows Raila and Azimio are not lying about the numbers. And two, check Mutahi Ngunyi’s comments about what happened to Moi when Ruto was Chief of Staff in the Repression department.

They were crashed by the Kenyan masses and the rest is history.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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