Cabinet Orders Review of Regional Authorities in a Bid to Boost Development

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In a move aimed at enhancing regional development, the Cabinet has directed a comprehensive review of the roles of Regional Development Authorities (RDAs) in light of devolution.

Emphasizing the importance of assessing the effectiveness of the six regional authorities, including the Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority, Kerio Valley Development Authority, and others, the Cabinet highlighted the need for maximizing their impact on sustainable resource management and economic empowerment.

“The review of Regional Development Authorities is crucial to ensure they align with the evolving devolution landscape and effectively drive regional socio-economic development,” stated a Cabinet official during the meeting at State House Nairobi.

Furthermore, the Cabinet approved the Livestock Bill 2023, focusing on regulating the livestock sector to boost the dairy, leather, and meat value chains. Addressing the unregulated nature of the meat industry, the proposed law aims to provide a structured framework for enhancing productivity and investment opportunities in Kenya’s vast livestock sector.

Additionally, the Cabinet endorsed the transition from Cash Basis of Accounting to Accrual Basis of Accounting within three years, as recommended by the National Treasury and the Public Sector Accounting Standards Board. This shift aims to enhance transparency and accountability in government financial management by providing a more comprehensive view of revenue, expenses, and liabilities.

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