CS Kindiki Enforcing 3-Year Police Transfer Policy

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The government has ordered the immediate transfer of all police officers who have served for more than three years in one working station.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kindiki said that the transfers will be implemented beginning today.

“The 3-year transfer policy must apply mandatorily for all Police Officers Countrywide. Beginning this morning, all Police Officers who have served in one station for more than three years will be transferred to eliminate conflict of interest, guard against internal sabotage and enhance service delivery in the security sector,” stated CS Kindiki earlier.

The government had directed the Inspector General of police Japhet Koome and all those responsible to comply with the directive without fail.

Hon. Kindiki also dwelled on the instances where some junior officers have overstayed in one police station for more than 10 years.

He rationed that the officers in question have local interests and have even ventured into business there in the local area, they are part of the local community blaming them partly for the challenges affecting the country.

“They [officers] are the ones who have entered into the unholy alliance with some of the people who are destroying the country and they are the ones who even arrange protection fees,” he added.

CS Kindiki raised issues of insubordination among some officers who had overstayed, noting their defiance towards superiors and a sense of entitlement based on their lengthy tenure at the station.

He warned against complacency, stressing that such behavior could undermine the effectiveness of the security apparatus and vowed to enforce the transfer directive without exceptions.

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